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  • Similar Content

    • By 320touring
      After a fun* 30 mins phonecall to insure the latest purchase, I thought I'd cheer myself up by starting a collection thread a wee bitty early!
      First clue.
      I ain't had one of these before..
    • By cms206
      Hallo chaps. Too much tat lying and I have a funeral to pay for...
      Mk2 Mondeo 2.0i Zetec, 44k miles, on ST170 alloys plus comes with a set of original spec 5-spoke alloys on duff tyres. MOT til 27/5/2020, some history and a recent battery.
      There are a few marks (pictured), the rear arches aren't too far gone and it has had welding done on the sills.
      The front windows open fine but need a little help closing, they come out the runners on the way up. C/L and heated screen work fine, as does the electric drivers seat adjustment. The clutch bites cleanly and the car pulls well through all the gears.
      It has been sitting a month or so due to the diesel Proton's arrival and I could really do with the cash (unless someone has a carb-fed Proton saloon kicking about in which case I'll sell my arse instead).
      Advertised elsewhere for £525, £400 on here with shiters discocunt applied.
      Car is in Paisley, Scotland, four minutes walk from Paisley Canal station.

    • By Burnside
      Well after almost 11 years it time to part ways with my Cavalier as recent changes mean I'm needing a estate car now. 
      It's in tidy condition for it age and years but is no show car, though saying that I get plenty of nice comments off people about it which is nice!  Will be really sad to see it go as it's been a fantastic car to me and has always been a dependable friend. Holidays, house moves, days out, road trips buying tat or being on family taxi duty. It does it all without fuss. 
      I have folders full of various receipts and bills for work carried out over the years and have got various spares mainly used that I can include if wanted.  I also have a compete spare 1.8 engine with 74,000 miles available too. 
      Mileage is 204,000 but I did replace the engine with a secondhand unit about a year after first buying it with similar miles due to a oil pressure fault.  Though I've seen these Cavaliers with over  250,000+ miles and I have no issues with driving this car anywhere as these are hardy things. 
      I've always serviced the car each year and always use a quality 15w40 oil.   In recent years it had all new shocks/ front springs and top mounts. Front Brakes and had various other parts replaced as needed to keep it ticking over. 
      Has Pas, leccy front windows and central locking. Also has working Towbar see pic bellow. 
      There so much more I can say but I'd be here all night!
      Currently awaiting some Mot repairs to sort out emissions [ replace front downpipe ] and some minor welding to the rear floor pan . It should be ready for me to collect by Friday.  Any questions just ask away. Will add some pictures over the weekend once I've got the Car back. Still Insured till the end of May and Taxed etc. 

    • By drivewaymyway
      Hiya all...  My brother has bought a new Vectra, his old Vectra is sitting on his drive, it's a 1.8 Petrol, it is 1999, and 170k ....  usual rust bubbles, it has been serviced but he's not great at cleaning so it probably stinks, no MOT and it stalls at when you stop at traffic lights and junctions. He has spend loads on it over the years trying to get it fixed but the mechanic that my brother uses recons the fuel pump is the problem although I can't see it because it as had this characteristic for the 10 or so years he has had it and it always starts no problem.. like I say it's had loads of new bits but still stalls, other than the rusty bits it all seems to be there.  That is all I know about it. He wants £110 for it because that's scrap value. If you want a cheapie project come to Reading and drag drive it away..
    • By blackbird
      Nissan Primera 2.0 P11-144 Sport
      Starts - every time
      Drives - some noises
      Stops - some judder
      Boring , but has never let us down

      Cloth interior
      Standard Alloys
      HubNut sticker
      Autoshite sticker

      Date registered 1 September 1999

      MOT valid until 30 August 2019

      Rust on Front wings , some other rust spots
      Knock/small judder on breaking , but ABS light not on

      (Car take back value is £160 )

      Near Cardiff
      Can deliver in South Wales region

      Pics and more info to follow
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