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Dont let the sun go down on me! - Mk 3.5 Golf Cabrio

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They are fantastic cars I had a mint one in that dark metallic green that every 90s VW was painted a few years back and did regret selling it as for a small convertible it was really practical.

I replaced it with a lovely old Audi convertible but the odd thing was although the Audi it was twice the size it wasn’t any bigger inside.

The first thing to do is get your hands under the front arch liners and get 20 years of muck out from the wings mine was full of old leaves and mud.

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Slight updates...

The other week I got some new fancy ‘fuck off bright’ bulbs. The original bulbs were okay, but since a lot of my driving is done in the dark (nightshift yo) I like bright lights!
Sidelight and headlights, from Halfrauds. Not shown are the LED tail bulbs as well, which work well since the taillights are tinted a bit. I can see myself getting the 'off road use only' Silly bright bulbs for the main beam...for all the times I go off roading with it of course. 

I also got some cleaning and waterproofing stuff for the roof, which I applied the other day when I gave the car a good clean and polish...
Comes out a nice shine, shame I now see more scratches. But it adds to the cars charm!

Next up, hopefully tomorrow, I’ll be buffing down the crispy parts of bodywork and applying some AquaSteel. As well as that I’ll be going to work (on the first day of my holiday) to fit the new front brakes. :)
That should be it all reday for when the other half comes over, treat her to a topless drive on the costal roads of the North east of Scotland...who needs Highway 101!

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Did more on it today.


Buffed down the crispy arches and applied AquaSteel where needed...





A few shots of the worst bits. Will be painting over them later tonight when I nip to work to do the front brakes. We have a nice shade of dark blue we keep in stock that''ll blend in well* for the time being.


Also, the other day I seen the indicator lens on the wings both had a lot of condensation inside so when I was at the local scrappy I picked up a pair of better condition ones (for free as well), cleaned out the contacts and dryed off. Then applied the lens.


Old and new.


So next is the brakes, I'm suspecting the NSF caliper is binding ever so slightly as its more worn than the OS. Hopefully be able to just clean up & grease the sliders and have them good as new. :)

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So as I planned I got the front brakes done, with only a minor mishap...

The pads i got were too thick, turns out there are two choices (16mm and 19mm if i recall correctly). Would't have been a problem, just return the pads and get the correct ones locally. But while at work one of the guys though "just buff em down", and did so without asking...to be fair he did buy. To be fair they were cheap ones and he did buy me a chip supper as a sorry. So ended up ordering the correct set from ECP. This left me with the problem of needing to fit them before I went on a trip down south with the other half who was visiting...Good thing Jetlag exists I guess, did the brakes on the Wednesday morning while she was sleeping and I was wide awake. 

The car preformed the duty of touring us about the place great, several times with the roof down as well. Comfy, speedy and practical.  Now for the mishap...Having driven around locally in and around the NE of Scotland, then driven all the way down to Alnwick...down to a few parts of Hadrian's wall. On the way to Housesteads Fort I could hear a odd noise, and mostly when turning to the right, My mind is now trying to process what it could be, a stop at the side of the road to check everything I think it could be and it all seems fine. By now I've gotten to Corbridge Town (The old Roman one, not the new one next to it) I decide to see about jacking it up and having a better check...then the penny drops. I forgot to properly tighten  my wheel nuts after doing the brakes! Thankfully all the nuts are still on, but two of them are very loose.  Being glad this was all that was wrong, I sheepishly admit the fault to the other half who then reminds me ' and who's the qualified mechanic?". After that its been faultless since.  So remember lads...always check your nuts. 

Now for some photos...

Bamburgh Castle


On the causeway to Holy Island


In a backstreet in Alnwick



Here's to more happy miles with it! :D

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The lack of use of the roof and neglect it’s had over time is starting to take its toll...due to me putting the roof down a lot. Found a small tear near a seam and also the glue around the rear window has started coming away. 

The tear will be repairable with one of the seal kits. As for the back window I dealt with it on my tea brake at work yesterday evening...


Oddly, it was the right side I was expecting to have to do as it’d started peeling away. Seen the left side was actually flapping yesterday on the way to work. Removed the old glue the best I could, used a dab of thinners to clean the glass. 


Clean as, sadly scuffed part of my sticker so removed all of it (salvaged and now on the toolbox). Thankfully it was a nice warm evening here so applies the glue we have here, which I’ve used to secure all sorts at work and lasts for yonks! 


Left a metal bar on top and left for a few hours...


Good as new*. It held up well for the trip home, and today it was warm enough to have the roof down, and having put it back up it’s held! 

Success!  :)


While I was there I used a wee dab of thinners to fully remove the glue from the 2.0 badge, worked a charm! 98ABA45D-F049-4515-8881-6494B877EBC7.thumb.jpeg.079d42826de6303da5191b7e109c8630.jpeg

Clean and some T-cut to be added and she’ll look fine. Seems like a job for Sunday that! 

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Nice car that, well done min.  The Audi coupe I've got is a B4 by model year, but same as yours, it appears to just be the new nose on the old B3 car.  Keep up the good work, maybe see you on the road sometime!  On that note, any local shiters ever attend the 'cars and coffee' morning at Inverness?

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