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Dont let the sun go down on me! - Mk 3.5 Golf Cabrio - For Sale @ £400

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So The reason the 316 is up for sale/Roffle is because I bought a new car! Bought last night and just away to leave for it!

Its not far away but I want to join in on collection thread fun! 


All you need to know for now is its a convertible! 


First stop was getting in a 08 reg Vectra...the start of many a good journey?



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Interesting how VAG kept the older styles going for Cabriolets long after the standard model was pensioned off. The MK1 cabrio completely bypassed the MK2 phase and then this which I always assumed was a MK4 throughout. My Audi Cabriolet is a 2000 model and is based on the 80 but the A4 replaced that car in 1994.

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Some photos from a drive on my ‘shakedown’ route...




I was lucky with the car. Had been looking for a drop top for some time and most that pop up for sale up here are either 'drift yo!' MX5's, shit photos and typicle Gumtree dross or just over priced. 

So browsing Gumtree in the middle of the week I saw this, 4 photos and basic info and a short MOT (July) for £750, background of photos and wording made me suspect it was an older person selling. MoT history is fine enough, just normal wear & tear. Just had a good feeling from it and after checking how they are as a car decided to message and ask to view. Viewed it on Friday evening and was impressed not only with the car, but the seller who was nice and very honest. My dad bluntly asked "whats the lowest you'd take" and he said £650, which was less than I was going to try offer. Deal done!


The car its self is fine mechanically & structurally but a bit tabby, few bashes & scratches as well as needing some surface rust on the arches seen to. The seats + hood cover need a good clean & leather rejuvenator applied. The hood is in good condition too with no cuts/tears. 

Few small niggles, the wiper blades were fooked & the hood doesn't always go back up and I need a code for the radio! 

Wipers were £12 for a set from Halfrauds(trade card discounts), the hood I can manually de-pressure and raise manually & the code for the radio has been sorted, by just fitting an old CD player in. But I do want to get a code & fit the original as its got a 6-track CD player! 


Overall, Love it! The engine is perky and has enough power to be happy, handling is better than expected for a convertible based hatchback and its comfy. :D

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There was a bright yellow one at a used car dealership last year that we watched the price gradually drop, drop and drop as it didn't sell.  I think the only reason for it was the colour.  It became a running gag driving from Ashford to Canterbury.


I quite like it.  Fun summer cabriolet with enough power.  Job done!

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There was a bright yellow one at a used car dealership last year that we watched the price gradually drop, drop and drop as it didn't sell.  I think the only reason for it was the colour.  It became a running gag driving from Ashford to Canterbury.


I quite like it.  Fun summer cabriolet with enough power.  Job done!



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Well bought!


I had a very nice Mk3 as chronicled here:




I remember feeling all defensive when people described them as dull: I found it pretty robust and refined. Then one day I realised: it was really dull! I think it’s the only car I’ve ever forgotten that I owned. Flipping great value though, and this looks a cracker.


I still see it all the time cos I sold it to a mate, and luckily it continues to give utterly trouble free service.

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So far so good still. Handles the commute to and from work well, top marks for both comfort and speed! The engine has a great amount of poke and MPG is fine enough. Its a rather nice all rounder actually. :)

Hoping the weather is nice this weekend, get round to cleaning the outside and the seats. Oh, and some ‘taps aff’ driving again.


One thing I’m also going to try get is a Haynes manual, I’m assuming I’d just one for a Mk3 Golf? As I’m assuming it’s only the cosmetic changes that make mine a ‘mk4’?


If you shoot me the VIN for the car and the serial code from the radio I might be able to help with a code.

Only just saw your post! I’ll fire them across in the weekend! :)
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