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1980 Triumph Dolomite 1300 Project now bridged.

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I am dipping my toe in the water but it would be good to judge the interest.

This is a car I had about 3 or 4 years ago, it ran beautifully and was tidy inside with a Dolomite 1300 SE dash fitted. This was sold to Kes on this here forum and taken up to sunny Anglesey. Sadly the necessary work was put on the back burner.

This came back to me a couple of months ago and I have done a few bits and pieces. I have bought several bits for the car:

New plugs, HT leads, oil filler cap, rad cap and brass radiator plug (a worthy upgrade). There is also a new choke cable, oil filter and the rocker cover has been cleaned up, rust killed and painted. I have new foam gasket and screws for the rear light clusters and a good used part loom for the number plate lights. Front foot well carpet sections (both sides). HL door cards supplied with wood door cappings.

Work needed:

A battery is required.
Spares need fitting.
Cooling system has been drained and needs refilling (will do if I can).


The car has its issues. The boot floor needs a section cutting out and new metal letting in, the recess where the tank sits needs cutting out and a new section welding in as well, I have a good spare section already. A couple of patches needed for the O/S sill. The rear 1/4 panel near the top of the rear end needs a repair section fabricating. The boot lid needs a tidy but yet again is hugely viable. The N/S chassis rail will need a small patch too I think.

Small patches required here and there, nothing truly major. A couple of the doors need a little bit of work but remain entirely usable. The A pillars need a clean up and fix but again, very typical of the Dolomite range. The section by the 3 rear vents just above the rear screen needs cleaning up, rust killing and painting. Passenger front footwell needs a credit card sized patch. The exhaust is solid but is covered in surface rust, a good clean up will sort it.

This is a project car but one that is hugely viable with not a huge amount of work in the scheme of things. The front valance and front wings are all spot on.

The car is a great colour, Brooklands Green.

The car is located in Edmonton, North London and will need to be dollied or trailered.

Price is £775 which will see my expenditure covered. The value of these cars is finally increasing and once sorted would be a great little thing to blat about in.

Photos to follow.

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Hmmm its bonus season

"Despite good company performance, there have been high overheads and as such bonuses have been drastically reduced for the 2018/19 year. The expensive consultancy firm that came in and did nothing of note except suggest you go back to using white boards to list the work you can't manage are laughing all the way to the bank with all your money, sorry about that."

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Right photos, I almost lost the will to live trying to sort the pictures out on the computer.


Don't forget that these are the worst bits, however, they are very typical for the model and there is a boot repair section included. The rest of the metal work is simple to fabricate and straightforward to sort. There is nothing scary on the car at all to sort out. As I said, the front wings and front valance, headlight panels are solid. Nice simple mechanics and electricals. Door trims are all beige and would need dyeing. I can provide a link to a product that gives good results. If there is no interest then fair enough, I'll hang on and slowly do the work.



























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It ain't that scary folks, it really isn't.


Maybe, just maybe.............. a swap with something. Maybe.


Something smoll that would fit in the space vacated by a green Dolomite. Maybe.


Not something dull though. Nope, not something dull.

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Is this the Ellesmere Port one, Ken? Looks half decent that, should be a fairly easy project for someone who can weld.

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I did most of this work on mine (now owned by our very own sigmundfraud) and they are very simply to work on. Door are single curve at the bottom so dead easy to let a small piece in. Parts are plentiful (Mick Dolphin is a gold mine for NOS stuff) and access is brilliant. This is a great project in a great colour.

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