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Jim Bell's £4 focus estate - make him an offer, quick!


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As we've already had someone mentioning a roffle in the PayPal message, can I recommend not using PayPal please? It's there as a last resort but they do like suspending accounts with the money still in it..


Sorry I missed this. Can send again by other means if needed.

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What the fucking Falklands?


I have absolutely no idea where that is.


I'll Google it......




I'm back....Stanley near Stoke on Trent ?? That's what I get from Google maps

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I am travelling backwards on a train. The world is whizzing by my peripheral vision in a bit of a blur, I imagine I will have the same sensation when I’m staring at the roffle ticket as the balls drop.


Much like that bit in Lock, Stock when laddo realises his cards are shit and he’s fooked and staggers around for a bit.

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