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Autoshite Breakfast Club, ACE Cafe next time, Date to be arranged.

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You will not miss my car!



I've made it but can't see any nice cars. Or bikes, I'm presuming I'm in the right place. Am wearing black leathers inside on a multi coloured vfr that is outside.

change name to just lost :lol:


was thinking of going but due to broken not riding 300 miles


money will be given to either singapore airlines or


argos :lol:


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The ZX of much pinkness and lacquer peel made it to the Super Sausage on the A5, as the VP1500 had a flat battery :-(


Six-cylinder and I were going to stay for breakfast, but the queue for food was up to the door, so we headed home.


The Cadillac got a decent run out though and we saw some nice motorbikes, so it was a nice Sunday morning jaunt, even if it didn't work out quite as intended. I didn't realise there were two Super Sausage cafes!


Don't lose heart, LostnotFound - it was great of you to organise this as an event in the first place. A Breakfast Club is a brilliant idea, so thanks for arranging it. The Ace cafe edition should be easier.

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Well that does look a tad nicer than the one I went to! Although mine was certainly 'interesting'. 




I was not only the only customer with less than 4 wheels, it was the only one with less than 10!




But there was no queue so at least I got breakfast.




So as all middle managers would say, l'll chalk this down to a learning experience. Not only is actually turning up to the correct place a good start, from the sounds of the queues trying to avoid other events which had been warned about earlier was also something else that I'd been wrong about.


Being the sad bastard I am, missing the ZX makes me sadder than the Cadillac. My wife had one as her first car which leaves me with a fondness for them, even if it's a proper rose tinted view as in reality as I never got on with the driving position myself.



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Being the sad bastard I am, missing the ZX makes me sadder than the Cadillac. My wife had one as her first car which leaves me with a fondness for them, even if it's a proper rose tinted view as in reality as I never got on with the driving position myself.

My ZX is rose-tinted, all right, as Beko hasn't polished it since last summer! :-)


Your breakfast looked good. Many years ago I was overseeing work on a building site and the canteen there would cook you anything you liked, as long as it could be sandwiched between two doorsteps of bread and fitted inside a brown paper bag. A full cooked breakfast was just possible, even though the tinned tomatoes would inevitably have soaked their way through the bag before I got back to my Portakabin...

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Only just back from a pickup from Southampton otherwise I was going to come to this (A5 one).

I assume LostnotFound was at the Super Sausage in Northampton, if so he definitely got a better breakfast !

I find the A5 one , in common with The Ace, gets away with not trying very hard with the food as people will go anyway.


I was going to say the one with the Chevelle on the roof, but it's gone and was a Buick anyway!


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I was at the next cafe along the A5 (Jacks Hill at Towcester) for their truck show this morning, but did pop into the Super Sausage on my way home at lunchtime and ended up in this impromptu line up of classics, which was nice.



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