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Autoshite Breakfast Club, ACE Cafe next time, Date to be arranged.

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Edited now Super Sausage has been decided on, for the first meet on the 14th of April







Looking on with envy at all the various meets going on that are always millions* of miles away I've decided to stop pouting about no one doing anything locally and try and start one myself of occasional North of the River / Home counties transport cafe meets.


Breakfast may or may not be a good idea, it'd let those of us with other things that need doing pop out early and keep in the good books by being around in the afternoon. Just an idea tho lunch / coffee later may work for people from further so if I can convince any shiter to travel I'm always happy to go with the majority.


So, venue wise, these are some ideas as a starter.


I've always fancied the ACE cafe, I know it's a tourist thing to do but I feel I should tick it off at some point and my current lazyness means the ULEZ will make it to the M25 before I go down.


The Super Sausage is another one that is meant to be good and is further up North so might be in range for a few more people?


The Silver Ball near Royston is ok and nicely on the A10


Bike Stop in Stevenage is a decent Cafe on the old town High Street and ideal for bikeshiters as well as lazy sods like me as it's just on the road over from where I live


Dates wise, Sundays the 14th or 28th of April would be good with me as a start point.



So, anyone out there? If not at least I tried!








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As a marginal victor we'll go for the 14th, hopefully if we aim for 9am the gates will have been open for an hour so there won't be too many people there.


I'll edit the title to reflect that and do apologise to anyone who it doesn't suit. When we go for the ACE for the next one we'll try and sort out dates for people that can't make this one. 

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Yep, I've been away for the weekend and was just going to drag it back up to the top.


It'll be very low key I'm sure. I'm still aiming to get there about 9am, forecast isn't horrible so will hopefully be on two wheels but reserve the right to roll along in the worlds most boring car if not.

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Took the CX to a French car meet last year at the Ace. Only two cars turned up. Mine and some Peugeot 306. Dunno why they bother.


When you look at their events page it does look as if the intern has been tasked with making sure something / anything is on any given day.


Bloody hope it's a tad warmer Saturday morning than recently it's meant to be April ffs.

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    • By Schaefft
      It's not exactly Autoshite, but an event celebrating cars and popular culture from the 80s and 90s should come close enough! Radwood has been a thing in the states for a year or two now, I've been following it since pretty much the beginning and am quite excited that the first event outside the US is happening here. The premise is pretty simple, bring along your car built from 1980-1999, optionally you can show up in your period correct rad outfit (whatever that might mean to you). Ticket prices are quite affordable, 20 quid if you want to show up in your car (incl. a passenger) or 10 quid without the car.
      I'm currently trying to find out if anyone would like to join. I have the feeling that space for cars might be quite limited, with the show happening in about 4 weeks I'd rather book the tickets earlier than later.  You can find more info in the link below, if you are interest it would be good to see people post here.
      To give you a little idea what previous events looked like:
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      Quick poll to see who is available when.
      Happy to update the polls with any suggestions!
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      So for the first time in over 18 months because of reasons I made it to one of the Wednesday evening gatherings at Earls Barton. Lots of cars there but I do think they need to either rename this event and remove 'classic' or be more selective about what they let in as it was only about 50% classics and the rest were moderns. Loads of Binis, modern Beemers and Audis, Japanese performance motors, slammed VWs and the latest supercars, so I walked straight past a lot of dross to find the occasional gem. In front of the Maxi was a brand new 19-reg Mazda 3 - what the heck was that doing at a show?
      Anyway, pics of some of the good stuff...

      XLT 667X - 1982 Honda Civic 1.4 Hondamatic by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      S373 JTX - 1998 Rover 820 Vitesse Coupe by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      VMY 196S - 1978 Morris Marina 1.3 Super Deluxe by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
      This Astra is running a 2.3 Saab turbo and 4x4

      P828 EFC - 1997 Vauxhall Astra GSi 16v by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      MNG 309L - 1973 Vauxhall VX4/90 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      ESJ 438 - 1960 Ford Zodiac Farnham estate by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      OYR 719L - 1972 Vauxhall Viva 1300 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
      Convertible sadly means no Maxi doors

      PAN 2 - 1976 Panther DeVille by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
      This made me think of Ghosty

      H374 XCW - 1990 Honda Civic 1.6i VTEC by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      TLF 801R - 1977 Bristol 603 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      BVM 142K - 1971 Ford Transit 115 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
      One of only 4 black HSRs ever made

      UGJ 813W - 1980 Vauxhall Chevette 2300 HSR by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      ODW 740M - 1973 Citroen SM by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      D645 TJR - 1986 Toyota Starlet 1.0 GL by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      P207 APC - 1996 Toyota Paseo 1.5 ST by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
      SVM Competition Dept

      XOO 336X - 1981 Volvo 244 GLT by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      XLJ 763Y - 1982 Ford Cortina 1.6 Crusader by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
      Bongo Friendee with Auto Free Top!

      R564 ENP - 1997 Mazda Bongo Friendee by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      J692 YNO - 1992 Audi 80 2.8 E Quattro by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
      Never heard of a Toyota Cresta before

      V393 MAU - 1999 Toyota Cresta by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      337 UYX - 1956 DKW 3=6 Schnellaster by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      DDD 369Y - 1983 Renault 5 Gordini Turbo by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      F17 HRP - 1989 Maserati 430 Biturbo by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      P612 VCD - 1996 Fiat Cinquecento Sporting by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      A420 EAJ - 1983 Opel Monza 3.0 EC by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      HMC 607N - 1975 Volkswagen Golf 1.1 N by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      BGT 680X - 1981 Ford Fiesta 1.1 Popular Plus by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
      No shortage of Minis in a dedicated area to celebrate their 60th. A pickup on Sercks is best.

      BFO 245V - 1980 Austin-Morris Mini 95 pickup by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
      I love Z1s but this one is a weird colour

      EEL 1Y - 1990 BMW Z1 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      EBY 789B - 1964 Sachsenring Trabant 601 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      B293 GCD - 1984 Audi Coupe GT5S by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
      And so we come to my top four favourites

      DWD 107Y - 1983 Datsun Laurel 2.4 by Adam Floyd, on Flickr

      HBE 55N - 1975 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Ti by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
      Little white hen is not a Lancia

      F835 FPW - 1989 Autobianchi Y10 FIRE by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
      I'll leave you with this magnificent JRG Super Strada

      E464 HAD - 1988 Fiat Strada Super by Adam Floyd, on Flickr
    • By quicksilver
      New venue just announced for FOTU 2019 - Saturday 20 July, 10am to 4pm at Claydon House, MK18 2EX (same general area as Stowe). Would make a nice 6-mile jaunt through the north Bucks countryside from the Field of Dreams. Concours applications open in January and general spectator/classic tickets will be available in March. Entry criteria has been widended too and it now says it's open to "unexceptional classics from 1966 to 1996".
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