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Autoshite Breakfast Club, ACE Cafe next time, Date to be arranged.

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Edited now Super Sausage has been decided on, for the first meet on the 14th of April







Looking on with envy at all the various meets going on that are always millions* of miles away I've decided to stop pouting about no one doing anything locally and try and start one myself of occasional North of the River / Home counties transport cafe meets.


Breakfast may or may not be a good idea, it'd let those of us with other things that need doing pop out early and keep in the good books by being around in the afternoon. Just an idea tho lunch / coffee later may work for people from further so if I can convince any shiter to travel I'm always happy to go with the majority.


So, venue wise, these are some ideas as a starter.


I've always fancied the ACE cafe, I know it's a tourist thing to do but I feel I should tick it off at some point and my current lazyness means the ULEZ will make it to the M25 before I go down.


The Super Sausage is another one that is meant to be good and is further up North so might be in range for a few more people?


The Silver Ball near Royston is ok and nicely on the A10


Bike Stop in Stevenage is a decent Cafe on the old town High Street and ideal for bikeshiters as well as lazy sods like me as it's just on the road over from where I live


Dates wise, Sundays the 14th or 28th of April would be good with me as a start point.



So, anyone out there? If not at least I tried!








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As a marginal victor we'll go for the 14th, hopefully if we aim for 9am the gates will have been open for an hour so there won't be too many people there.


I'll edit the title to reflect that and do apologise to anyone who it doesn't suit. When we go for the ACE for the next one we'll try and sort out dates for people that can't make this one. 

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Yep, I've been away for the weekend and was just going to drag it back up to the top.


It'll be very low key I'm sure. I'm still aiming to get there about 9am, forecast isn't horrible so will hopefully be on two wheels but reserve the right to roll along in the worlds most boring car if not.

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Took the CX to a French car meet last year at the Ace. Only two cars turned up. Mine and some Peugeot 306. Dunno why they bother.


When you look at their events page it does look as if the intern has been tasked with making sure something / anything is on any given day.


Bloody hope it's a tad warmer Saturday morning than recently it's meant to be April ffs.

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