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Broadsword's Fleet Thread - Smoke, Electrics, Peril!

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It seems that me mentioning that phantom engine cooling fan coming on at random yesterday was apparently foreshadowing more exciting events experienced this morning. This morning I chose the P38 as steed of the day, why not? I reconnected the battery, hopped in, started the engine and then, PERIL!, smoke was billowing in my face. This is a rather unsettling thing to encounter first thing in the morning. What had happened is that the DIY manual override switch for the auxiliary engine fan had attempted to catch fire. It melted and fell off in the end, covering one of the wire ends with plastic.  After that everything was fine and normal operation resumed. I'm thinking this very cheap looking switch decided to malfunction catastrophically and having seen it melt off, there is presumably no relay or fuse hooked up to this bypass. I don't think the event had anything to do with the main electronics of the car. No fuses were blown, no melting of the fusebox or burnt relays. Obviously both of these death switches were then removed (I never touched them anyway apart from the one that failed out of curiosity) and the remaining wires blanked off. Exciting stuff!


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At least it wasn't followed by the slow cranking, stopping, christmas tree gauge cluster and then the car seesawing because the body ECU had crashed. This actually happened when brother went to Morrisons. He's parked underground there ever since. It was also the same day the fuel filler switch decided to fall through the facia and nestle itself on the steering column.


Glad all is still going well though. It's been a while since I've fliched through this page.

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The Range Rover (which has been fine after that very slight malfunction mentioned earlier) finally got its interior refresh today in the guise of a replacement headlining. I'm amazed how the headlining turned up after some heavy-handed cleaning. To remove the old one you need to remove the A-pillar trim bits, then the sun-visors, all the interior lights and grab handles. In short anything that goes through the headlining need to come out. The C pillar trim bits also need to come out, but other pillar posts you can just pull out slightly at the top and that will do. This saves faffing around with the seat belts.

All in it takes 10 mins to prep the headlining for removal. I didn't look up how to do this job before starting, so once it was loose I opened the rear hatch and started pulling fairly hard. The headlining soon came out with a bit of maneuvering. About 20 mins in it was time to slip the "new" headlining in, which went easy enough. After that just replace all the bits and bobs that were removed and job done. This has made an enormous difference to the interior as you can see from the before and after pics. Very pleasing. I scored some clean replacement A-pillar trim pieces which went on. My other pillar trims are very grubby but then I discovered that you can just rub off the faux carpet material on the plastic and you are left with a clean smooth plastic underneath. That is fine by me.







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