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Small van wanted

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Morning all,


After some advice. Need a small van-don't want to pay much-up to £1000.


Spotted a couple








would rather an old school diesel.


Any advice on these-engines etc-I've always had petrol, as always greatly appreciated.



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Both of those will be DW8-powered, so tediously slow (although slightly more tolerable in the Berlingo) and less efficient than an HDI.  They do occasionally go wrong, but they're a simple engine so much cheaper to fix when they do than a modern multijet common rail job.


Edit: if you want an old-school diesel but you still want enough power to overtake tractors / pull out onto busy motorways etc, the earlier Expert / Dispatch could be had with the XUD9T engine of fond memory - they're getting thin on the ground these days though.


Further edit: as "modern" diesels go, the 8-valve 2-litre HDI as fitted to later vans is actually a bloody good engine.

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