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Abandoned shite


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To me, that all looks really sad.


Why was the place seemingly abandoned? Did the owner die? Did (s)he go overseas and forget about it because it all got too much?


Land Registry search might reveal who the present owner is supposed to be....


The same YouTube channel also discovered this place somewhere in Devon....

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Some details for vehicles with numberplates visible in the video:


D277OGO (Peugeot pickup) - Untaxed since 1 Feb 2002

F90CKO (305 estate) - Untaxed since 1 July 1996

C117 SFG (Toyota) - Untaxed since 1 Nov 1996

C461 NAP (305 saloon) - Untaxed since 1 Feb 1995

HPD 300K (Bedford) - Untaxed since 1 July 1991

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Hmm so it’s sat in a barn in a place that now probably public knowledge. Give it a few weeks before someone lump turns up who sounds like his mouth is full of bread in a beaver tail. Barnfind M8!

They've already said the location is being kept private - Cornwall is a big place!

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I grew up with pals that lived on ex farms and similar with outbuildings full of shite like that in similar condition. You can spend forever finding stuff and wondering what the place used to be like and how it ended up in that state. There are countless reasons why, not all for the better but most of that rusty old crap is just that. Anything of any worth would have been used somewhere else, converted or sold. Although I no longer spend my free time running around these relics with an air rifle shooting at my pals, I'll never forget that distinct smell of damp metal, rotting wood and fox shit.

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