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BL Bloke's Motors - Saxo's clean bill of ELF

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11 hours ago, BL Bloke said:

He said it was a multi layer. According to their website they use MLS triple layer or elastomer gaskets. 

BTW, how many times did mobile HG man flush out your system? I think mine needed about six flushes before they were satisfied that there wasn't any Baileys left.

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Just over six weeks after getting the HG done the Rover had its blowing exhaust sorted this morning. To celebrate I took it out for a run to my favourite country lane just outside Stourport, which is the furthest its been since August last year.

50249192296_a1aa928f47_c.jpgDSCF1613 by timothy jones, on Flickr

50248549288_c6b26a5f65_c.jpgDSCF1614 by timothy jones, on Flickr

After a walk I continued to a riverside pub for a non alcoholic beverage.

50248553033_63535c5f28_c.jpgDSCF1615 by timothy jones, on Flickr

I've also booked it in for an MOT next week. It does have a Boris extension until October but I thought I'd get it in while the weather is warmer. With a new battery, head gasket and exhaust this year I'm hoping it won't need anything else doing for a good while but I suppose I should check the tyres as although they have plenty of tread left with only 32500 on the clock they may be getting on a bit.

In other news the 205 hasn't been out for nearly 2 months (nothing to do with the car, just me being too lazy to walk up the road to the garage) and the recent heavy rain has done the Saxo's lacquer peel no good at all, although no water has got inside the car since I had the puddle in the footwell earlier in the year.

 50249189931_5166099200_c.jpgDSCF1612 by timothy jones, on Flickr

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On 8/20/2020 at 10:36 PM, BL Bloke said:

With a new battery, head gasket and exhaust this year I'm hoping it won't need anything else doing for a good while. 

So much for that. I went to go out in the Rover today and when I did the usual coolant check I was greeted with this....

50256351737_e6187c1341_c.jpgDSCF1616 by timothy jones, on Flickr

For fuck's sake, now where's it going? Anyway, I threw some water in it and went for a drive thinking that I'd have been better off both financially and mentally if I'd given it away to someone who'd fix it a couple of months ago. If it needs work for the Mot I don't know what I'll do with it, as I don't feel like wasting any more money on it at the moment. ☹️   

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A quick update. Since topping up the Rover's coolant on Saturday it has been out four times, covering around 70 miles, and the level has remained the same. I'll be keeping an eye on it in case it drops again. It also has 12 months Mot as it passed today. ?

Last Sunday marked one year since I travelled to London to pick up a French 20 year old. Ooh la la.

 48608614176_f148e361b7_z.jpgDSCF0637 by timothy jones, on Flickr

To mark the occasion I took it out for a run on Sunday evening. It feels a lot nippier than the Rover despite having less power but it does also have considerably less weight. I did stop for a quick photo.

50275429157_f409d73627_z.jpgDSCF1617 by timothy jones, on Flickr

On Monday it was the 205's turn for a run out as it hadn't been anywhere since the end of June. After a walk up to the garage it emerged blinking into the sunlight and went for a run in the country.

50275425627_dfe1cbb223_z.jpgDSCF1619 by timothy jones, on Flickr

50274585638_ff72db4e78_z.jpgDSCF1618 by timothy jones, on Flickr

Out of all the cars on the fleet this is my favourite, mainly due to its 'old school' feel and the whine of the transfer gears between the engine and gearbox which reminds me of the BMC/BL chod that I used to own. Due to the lack of a fifth gear it feels more at home bimbling around town or country lanes but it can hold its own on faster roads too despite only having 50bhp.



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On 8/28/2020 at 9:39 PM, BL Bloke said:

I'm thinking of coming to the next FoD weekend. If I do I'll bring the 205 and you can have a go in it. 

Sadly I’ll not be there on the official open day as I have family stuff going on. I hope the following weekend to attend the BL day with the wife and take one of the Cylinders’ cars with me

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  • 3 weeks later...

Since my last update the Rover has done another 170 miles and the coolant level hasn't moved so that's a good thing. Now that I'm less worried about it going pop it has been used more and I'm enjoying driving it.

Yesterday saw the 21st anniversary of the Saxo's registration. I should really give it a wash as it hasn't had one since I bought it 13 months ago and it had stuff growing on it then. It hasn't got any worse since though.

The 205 went out last week as the sun was out and is still running well.

Meanwhile my modern (2013) Skoda Fabia has done less than 100 miles in the last two months and I keep asking myself if I really need it anymore, especially as the Rover seems to be healthy again.  

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  • BL Bloke changed the title to BL Bloke's Motors -Soggy Saxo and fleet update

It's been a while, hasn't it? 🙂

Over the past week or two there had been some heavy rain. The Saxo had let in water earlier this year but I thought that I'd sorted it out so you can imagine my surprise when I opened the door the other day and discovered this.


The rear footwell was in a similar condition so I had no choice but to bail it out with a combo of a Carte D'or ice cream container, a sponge and some kitchen towel. A couple of days later it rained again and the footwell began to fill back up so as a temporary (and, as it turned out,  ineffective) measure I attempted to cover the area where I thought the water  was coming in with a bin bag.


After another couple of days of torrential rain and high winds the water level is back up again and the lacquer peel on the bonnet appears to be spreading. If it's dry tomorrow I'll be bailing it out again and unblocking the drain hole on the scuttle which I think is the cause of the problem as that seemed to work last time. If that doesn't work I'll have to stick it in the garage and get the 205 out.

On the subject of the 205 it hasn't been out since October so, weather permitting I'll be taking it out for a run as a Christmas treat. The Rover's battery is flat so I'll charge it up so I can give the Rover a run out too.  

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  • BL Bloke changed the title to BL Bloke's Motors -Soggy Saxo part 2

As the weather was dry yesterday I thought I'd bail out the Saxo again and get it under cover as the water was pretty deep.



I think the water may be due to a blocked sunroof drain hose as the drain holes on the scuttle looked clear but there was some water in the sunroof gutter.


I gathered my water removal tools with the addition of a bucket to see how much water was in there. 


By the time I'd finished the bucket was nearly full. 


When I can back to it a couple of hours later some more water had seeped up through the carpet so once that was dealt with I took it up the road and swapped it over with the 205 before it rained again. It was nice to have a drive in the 205 as it hasn't been out for a few weeks and has only done just over 300 miles since its Mot in February.


It's a good job I did it yesterday as it's been pouring down most of today. I did check the 205 and it was reassuringly dry inside.

I'm thinking of trying to sell the Saxo after Christmas as the insurance runs out at the beginning of February and I don't really need four cars.    

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  • BL Bloke changed the title to BL Bloke's Motors -Two years of Rovering

Today (04.02.21) marks two years since I collected my Rover 45. To mark the occasion it was chosen for the weekly  run out to Sainsbury's.


Although the experience hasn't been entirely trouble free due to OMGHGF it has been in fairly regular use since the gasket was done and has now clocked up 1800 miles since I bought it, not bad considering it spent nearly a year languishing unused on the drive. 

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  • BL Bloke changed the title to BL Bloke's Motors - Pug MOT passed

The 205 passed its MOT today. On the way home I stopped for a photo opportunity.


Coincidentally as I pulled over it clocked up 1300 miles in my ownership, 225 of which were covered on the trip home from collecting it.


When I bought it there were a couple of smoll holes in the fabric on the driver's seat bolster which have since become one large hole. 🙁


I don't know if a seat cover would help but it's something I'll have to look into.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Since I put the Saxo in the garage before Christmas to stop water getting in I haven't seen it because lockdown but this morning I thought I'd go up and check if anything had happened since then as I was a bit concerned due to the carpets were still wet when I put it away. When I opened the garage door I noticed condensation inside the rear window, which was a cause for concern.


When I looked inside it was a bit* mouldy and the carpets were still wet, hence the mould. 🙁



What with the above and a flat battery my original plan to give it a run out was totally kiboshed. 🙁 The plan now is get the battery charged, bring it down to the house and clean the mould off the interior while hoping that it doesn't rain and fill the footwell up with water again as it's due for its MOT in a few weeks . I don't think I'll be buying any more cars with a sunroof anytime soon. 


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  • BL Bloke changed the title to BL Bloke's Motors - Mouldy Old Saxo

Oh dear! I hate that. I had a few bits of mould in the Blue Micra (its not been on the road since it was crashed into a couple of years ago.

I wiped them off easily but the seats need a bit more of a scrub.

2 of my Mk1 Sterlings do get mould. The one recently sold was worse for it than the E-reg car which only got water in the boot.

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I got the Saxo's battery charged up so this afternoon it was off to the garage to revive it and bring it down to the house. Before moving it the steering wheel had a quick going over with anti bacterial wipes and a couple of bin bags made an impromptu seat cover.


Once it was back on the drive and I'd wiped the condensation off the rear window it was time to take in how mouldy it actually was.  The dashboard didn't look too bad, mostly water stains from the windscreen.


The seats and door trims were a different matter, although the back seat wasn't as bad as the fronts. The front seat belts were probably the worst.




After just over half an hour with some cleaner and a stiff brush the fabric areas of the door trims, front seats and driver's seat belt were looking a lot better, even better than when I bought it as I hadn't cleaned the interior since buying it and judging from the condition of the exterior the previous owner probably hadn't done it for a while either.


I'll do the back seat and hard surfaces tomorrow. While I was looking around I did notice that the lacquer peel on the roof had got worse and a new patch had appeared on the bonnet.



I did take it out for a run with the heater on full and the windows open to give it an airing and dry the seats. Apart from what sounds like a squealing alternator belt it ran fine after its 2 month lay off.  

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  • BL Bloke changed the title to BL Bloke's Motors - Slightly Less Mouldy Old Saxo
  • 1 month later...

Although I haven't posted an update since last month I did get the mould off the back seat and the hard surfaces.

Rear seat before...


and after.


I did try to check the sunroof drain hole to see if I could find where the water was getting in but couldn't see it. 


The driver's door seal is a bit loose too but I don't think the water was getting in there as the door trim panels don't get wet.


On the plus side the carpets have dried out over the past few weeks despite the rain showers we've had since then so I can only assume that the water only gets in when it absolutely pours down for hours on end. As mentioned in the news thread it went in for its MOT last Wednesday and passed with a couple of advisories for the number plates and slightly sticking front brakes, which could have something to do with its lack of use over the past 12 months. It wasn't all good news though as while it was there it performed its party piece and threw its alternator belt, which then wrapped itself around the bottom pulley and had to be cut off. 


When a replacement had been fitted I was able to bring it home.


Now that the interior has been cleaned I really need to give the outside a clean as it hasn't been washed since I bought it and it had stuff growing on it then.  


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  • BL Bloke changed the title to BL Bloke's Motors - Saxo's clean bill of ELF

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