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1987 Chevy Monte Carlo SS Recommissioning

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Spent some time cleaning the interior today, so I took the opportunity to take much better pictures as well




This is the trunk after I vacuumed out a bunch of pine needles and sand.




This is the driver seat after I vacuumed it out.










I really love the design of this head unit...




This is the cover to the center console, which as I said, was damaged from years of usage.




This whole dash is so 80s...




And what maroon car wouldn’t be complete without a pair of fuzzy dice!






These are the back of the driver and passenger seats, where I’m guessing dirt from shoes and stuff got onto the leather and it was never cleaned






So I used some ArmourAll leather wipes and cleaned them off, and now they look pretty nice once again




Also vacuumed the driver side passenger seat.




I really love the warning light display. Always fascinated me when I was a kid and my dad drove me around in it. I remember one of the last times he drove it, it was a nice summer day in June, and he took me and my sister to get Slurpees from 7/11 :)


So hopefully this should hold you guys over for now :P. I’m not done cleaning the interior yet, still want to clean the rest of the glass inside the car, as well as vacuum out the passenger side since I didn’t get the opportunity to this evening. But it’s coming along nicely so far. Really excited to hopefully get this thing going on Tuesday!

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That is a great looking car, the interior is just pure cool, or rad to sound more 80’s!


How are cars like this seen over in the states? I get the impression they, just like the supersize 70’s land yachts like mine aren’t exactly that well liked in their home markets!?

God knows why as they offer a hell of a lot at a fraction of the price of the 60’s muscle cars.

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That is a great looking car, the interior is just pure cool, or rad to sound more 80’s!


How are cars like this seen over in the states? I get the impression they, just like the supersize 70’s land yachts like mine aren’t exactly that well liked in their home markets!?

God knows why as they offer a hell of a lot at a fraction of the price of the 60’s muscle cars.



Believe it or not, these G-body cars, especially the Monte Carlo SS, are extremely popular in the modding/tuning community. They can take advantage of up to 22in rims, the dash and engine can easily be swapped to more modern alternatives, and they still fetch a decent amount of money on the used market, depending on condition of course. I don’t see many around here, nor have I seen any that have been modded out, but from my extensive research online about the car, they seem to still be quite popular. I personally like the stock 80s look and engine, with the only thing I’d ever potentially swap out would be the carb as 1970mgb said and/or the radio head unit. Once I get it going, I’ll let you know what reactions I get while on the road :P

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Dan, I could have told you about that! 

I'm sure I've told you about flying to Las Vegas in 2010, when the girl at the hire desk offered me an upgrade to a Chevy Suburban (which I took, obviously, lol).  She did that because we'd been talking about cars throughout the booking-in process, and it turns out she had a 1985-ish Oldsmobile Cutlass, another iteration of the G-body!  She herself was quite the petrolhead, or gearhead as I think they're known Over There.  I've also noticed them being very popular at Kissimmee Old Town, in Florida; in all versions but nearly always with two doors.  A four-door like my Buick still seems to be seriously undervalued.


I'm so looking forward to this car seeing daylight again!

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Alright, here’s a status update.


My grandfather came over today, took a look at everything. I got the battery out so I can exchange it for a new one. Besides that, I need coolant (there’s enough in there to get it started, but it absolutely needs more), a new battery, and gasoline. There is still plenty of oil in the sump as well, and it’s still “clean” enough that it should be fine to use just for getting it running initially.


So the plan from here on out it is for me to try and get the parts in time for when he comes back probably on Thursday to finish doing some work around here, that way he can give me a hand with getting everything put in and getting it started up. From there, if it starts, I’m going to leave everything as is until I return from college for the summer in May, they work on getting it drivable like cosmetics, cleaning, tires, registration, etc. If it doesn’t start or has issues staying started, again, leave it as is until May then work on getting it the point of being able to be started, then go from there.


So for the first time in over 13 years, work is being done to get this car operational once more, even if it seems like these are just small steps. These small steps have done more work to this car than in the past 13 years combined.


On a completely unrelated note, my daily Honda Pilot needs power steering fluid and the pump is likely on its way out. So for now, I’ll top off the power steering fluid, but the pump will likely have to be rebuilt over the summer.

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Back on Thursday, my grandfather came back again to finish fixing some stuff, and since I bought all the parts and stuff on Wednesday, we decided to give it a try. We dropped the new battery, and gave it a go. With a little starter fluid, it started right up with no issues. 13/14 year old gas, oil, etc and it started right up with no issues. We ran it for awhile to try and use up as much gas as possible so come May, we can fill it up with completely fresh gas. Interior lights, exterior lights and brights worked, although the exterior lighting should probably be replaced with new, brighter bulbs. Front turn signals worked, although we couldn’t really see the side turn signals in the daylight. Brake lights and reverse lights worked, although like I said, the light covers should be replaced. Brakes and E-brake worked as well. Windows worked, although I didn’t chance it putting them down all the way and have them not come back up, but they did go up and down. The two passenger side tires held air long enough for me to drive forward and backward in the driveway for a little while, but as of today, they’re both deflated once again lol. No diagnostic lights came up, so everything was working fine and sounded great. Finally, the radio works as well, so I’m happy about that lol.

So as for stuff we did to the car, I topped off the coolant in both the main tank, and the overflow tank. There was still enough oil in there for now, and will get changed in May once we get new tires on it and stuff. Gas has been drained to the red, so enough to start it every once and awhile to keep the battery charged. I also researched getting Historic plates in NJ, and it absolutely eligible and cheap to do. From there, once we get the historic plates, it can be registered at the reduced cost, and then we can swap the insurance from in-storage to historic. So all that’s left is cleaning it, at least 2 new tires (but we’ll probably get 4), fresh gas, fresh oil, and then two new break light covers. Also, some U-joint may or may not be broken in the front or rear, since shifting from forward to reverse makes a knock and a noticeable movement by the car. My grandfather already said his shop in Staten Island, NYC, NY could take care of that.

So really exciting times ahead for this Monte Carlo. My dad was extremely surprised and thoroughly impressed that his trusty car started right up once more and is now on board to getting more expensive stuff like the tires replaced, so I’m really happy about that.

Here are some pictures of the car seeing daylight for the first time in over a decade!




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First post and title have been updated to reflect the recent developments in this project. Unfortunately, this project will be on hold until May, given that I'll be returning to college on Sunday (tomorrow). My dad will hopefully start it every so often to keep the battery charged, but besides that, the car will be sitting dormant once more until I return and continue to work on it. If anything does change, I'll be sure to post about it here!

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May isn't that far away, we'll survive. Er, 4 new tyres? Surely you mean 5? That one in the trunk is probably as old as the four you can see.


I'm so glad to see this beauty getting some love.

That’s a good point, the spare is absolutely as old, if not older than what’s currently on the car, so I guess a new spare would probably be a good idea as well...

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Burgundy alert! :-)


It's wonderful. Top job for waking this sleeping beauty!


PS whereabouts in northern VA? I lived there for a while.

Fantastic color, isn’t it? :P


I go to school in Fairfax, VA. Quite nice there compared to NJ LOL

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