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Beko's ZX 1.4 of Temptation - Fin.


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I had a ZX that locked me out. 5 am. With the engine running. In the frost. With the house door locked and the keys in the ZX ignition. Had to rummage round in a flower bed until I found a stone large enough to break a window then drive 40 miles to work with filthy hands. Great start to the day...


Email me a list of bits, got loads left

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If it's anything like my old 306, you may find that adjusting the valve clearances might help your ability to overtake with less than four miles of free road.

I've read about that, I need to buy some feeler gauges and a hbol for the measurements!


Until then, maximum revs!


The drive home was most enjoyable, 40mph in 5th,wafting along with the rest of the traffic. This is what alot of my commute entails, and why for the past few months I've been wondering if I need a diesel at all!


The fuel needle does what my old 1.4 did and is in a different place whenever I start the car. Hasn't moved in 50 miles though, I'll stick a £20 note in the glove box and wait for the light. Bramz said he filled it until it clicked to bring it home and it said 3/4 full on the dash...

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ZX fuel gauges never really read right, especially at lower levels as I'm sure you're aware by now, you just learn to take an average of the swing either way to tell you how much fuel you have left. Saying that, brimming the tank and it only showing 3/4 full doesn't sound right at all. The low level fuel lights however normally seem fairly accurate, when one first flashes on a derv it normally means you have 50 to 70 miles left in the tank if driven frugally. Maybe wang a can of juice in the back until you've proven it works properly? I've had a 205 in the past that had a gauge that acted exactly the same way as yours is described and I ran out of fuel, twice.

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My green zx was comical at under a quarter! I used to wait for the light to be consistently on for 5 or so miles before filling up, otherwise it just depended what corner I went round! A can in the boot is a good idea! I might slosh some about as the smell of petrol would be nice compared to the smell it currently has!


Ill just work on 300 miles for now, that's just over a weeks driving for me, and maybe sort it out another day. Can't imagine the sender is hard to lift out and clean is it?

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When it was parked outside mine I always parked it on the kerb with two wheels so driver's side was high up. Always started with the light on irrelevant if fuel level. It settled by end of the road though. Odd that it didn't read full as I've brimmed it and had it to full on gauge

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Is there a special angle for the nozzle perhaps? The xantia needed it's turned almost upside down to get a good fill (on the few occasions when I used pump derv anyway...)


Maybe next month when om not as skint ill try and put some in the next day and see what happens

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Today I fixed the non working boot light! Seems it was unplugged. Bit odd as it turns off fine with the doors shut, so remains to be seen if it drains the battery or not.


I found the PDF Haynes Manual I found when I had my 1.4, which is fucking handy! Means I can gen up on a few jobs.


Sundays plan is:


Fit my headunit, phone mic and DAB aerial

Remove bubs LED sidelight bulbs and replace with the ones swiped from the 406

Box up the radio Bub left in for the drive home, bub's bank card and sidelight bulbs then await some money to post that all back

Lubricate the door locks

Give it a hoover and find the dead cat or whatever it is under the seats that's causing the smell. I did empty the rear ashtray of it's ancient fag ends which seems to have helped, dropped both ashtrays in a bucket of bleach and hot water for the morning at mums too

Drop the air filter and just see what sort of service history it might have (as none is supplied with the car). Oil doesnt look ancient on the dipstick which is a good sign

Take a video of the random noise it makes from the engine and upload it here for the panel to try and help

See about cleaning the windscreen washer system and adjust the jets

Have the scuttle out and clean underneath and lubricate the wiper mechanism

Fit the new drop links

Have a look at the drivers side mirror as it doesn't stay put, and moves itself when i open and close the door, needing a manual shove to an roughly correct position so I can see to pull out on the motorway

Clean the rear windscreen as it looks fogged up, but it isnt...


I have no money until pay day, but this payday is bonus month so some fair spending will occur whilst I can, then I can potter away at it at leisure. The money from the 406 came through today as well so I could pay Bub, which is excellent!

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If you look at the intake pipework it’s all of a good size apart from this part, however they cleverly made it removable so you swap it out easily. Early versions of the engine had a straight pipe there.

I don't actually know about this, but sometimes a restriction is supposed to increase air speed or something so it is possible Citroen knew what they were about here. Or not.

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The first port of call will be to remove anything vaguley sensory and blast it with brake cleaner (got 3 cans that didnt get used on the 406 now!). Give the throttle body a good clean, blast through all the breather pipes and generally do every free thing that I can!


It's a proper bastard because I'm sure my old 1.4 was much perkier, but then I jumped to that from a fairly knackered 1.7 Puma, so have probably been distorted by torquey diesels for the past 5 cars! It felt better today, I've found that simply reaching 60mph and keeping it there at all costs works well. Quite fast and fun on the back roads, pottery on the motorway. But 60. It's only doing 30,000 rpm too, rather than nearly 40,000 at 75/80 which it really doesnt like!

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I don't actually know about this, but sometimes a restriction is supposed to increase air speed or something so it is possible Citroen knew what they were about here. Or not.

It was to comply with EU drive by noise requirements, same as all those random resonators that started to appeared grafted to intake systems.

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I do recall the TU3 I had in both my early ZX and BX were quite responsive on the throttle, the latter was almost on/off with the slightest touch. Both however were carb models, and the BX was screaming its head off at 70.


The revs sound about right if I remember correctly, but like many older small French cars the sweet spot is 60/65. I maintain that ZXs feel quicker on twisty roads due to the reasonably hard to irritate handling, although they will roll if pushed.

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I don't actually know about this, but sometimes a restriction is supposed to increase air speed or something so it is possible Citroen knew what they were about here. Or not.

You are correct that a restriction will increase air velocity but you are after volume of air and a restriction will have a detrimental effect on potential volume.


Very simply put, there is loads more to it that many more qualified people understand fully. (10 years in air flow/control industry)

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I did some stuff today! Amy went to That London with her mum and sisters to see Tina Turner, and I realised it was a lovely day! So I sent the children to play on the mound in the middle of our bit of the estate where I could keep half an eye on them, and did some tinkering!


First up was the rear door. As much as it's only ever me in the car, this is the door I use to put my coat and lunchbag on the back seat to go to work... The 406 had a non working checkstrap here, and that annoyed me, this was the same. So, some broken trim clips later, and some faffering I had the door latch in my hand




A god blast with brake cleaner, 5 minutes in the sun then a good blast with plusgas, a good shake then a liberal squirt of spray grease had it moving a treat again! All back together




and a test run confirms the door shuts like a dream again!




Next job required the speaker to come out for access and yep, all 4 are like this, this will sound gr-33 when I fit my Pioneer tomorrow... need to turn the bass right down until I buy some new speakers next month




The bit of the check strap that bolts to the door had been ripped out and was handily lying in the bottom of the door...




Luckily it was all there but siezed so more brake cleaner, plusgas and grease had it moving like new, so a re-assemble and some washers I found in the box of random shit to pack out the ripped out mounting holes and it fitted perfectly and worked as it should! Window mech and hinges were given a good dose of grease too and the rear drivers side door is done!


I got a broken Sebo out of the shed next




And gave the door card a good vacuuming as it was filthy under the handle




All fitted, luckily theres so much on it that screws to the door itself that the few busted clips didnt matter. However, I forgot HOW MUCH I HATE the bloody lock button tops! Gave up in the end, it's fitted but doesn't move with the rod anymore... Any ideas? Want the other doors off to fettle at some point and they did all work fine. Now only 3 work...


I gave the boot a good hoover




And dropped out the rear wiper motor for a clean up, grease of all the pivot points and a good soak of plusgas down the rotating spindle, did that bit with it fitted to the car but partly dismantled turned on, scared the crap out of me when the mechanism jumped and pulled the spindle out of the shaft... oops, all fine now!




Bub said the rear seat base has a small tear in, hence the rear covers. I had a peek and yep that's utterly fucking fucked m8




Seat cover back on, although the seat back is fine so I left it's cover off, can clip the belt buckles up now! Wonder if I can get a replacement base in the right trim? 


I then removed the drivers seat to begin operation vacuum, and immediately found 99p in change so it is now £299 car






I rushed a bit here as it was getting near tea time so it all got a fair vacuum on the drivers side then lobbed back together. I'll do the passenger side tomorrow, then when the weather perks up a bit it all needs shampooing and steam cleaning a bit nicer.


I removed the mats bub kindly left in as the drivers one had rubber ridges, which the heel of my work shoe got caught on whilst doing the clutch. I kept the mats from the 406 which came from the silver Laguna, so put both drivers side ones in, will do the passenger side tomorrow!




More tomorrow, will do the droplinks as Amy is at home so I don't have to keep wandering off to see why I've not seen the children in 40 minutes etc...

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Sunday then!


The front wheel trims were removed and NOT refitted (although not binned yet either...)




The car had an advisory for front tyres in December, and I think they fitted part worns, and not good ones either






Luckily their quite cheap so that can be done next month too, depending on funds I'll either do all 4 or just the fronts, not inspected the rears yet...


Aha, one drop link




It was the usual twat to remove, but unlike on the 406 they had spanner flats on the back so not as much of a twat as it could have been!




Shiny. New ones don't have flats on though, so I dipped the whole thread in coppaslip in a vain hope that they come off again when needed in the future, and to fill the torx bit hole up and protect it (ha!)




Passenger side was even more of a twat




And I had to deploy 2 more spanners to wedge the one on the flats in place, then use the breaker bar, but I won! 




See 406, this is how it should have been (sniff)


Passenger tyre is even worse, outer edge




Inner edge




Might have a check of the spare and see if it's even got one!


Hey ho, I then whipped the cambelt over off to just check I wasnt going to see bits of rubber and string and I was happy to see an cambelt in OK order (I will replace this, it seems easy and with no history on this car it probably needs doing, although I can't imagine it's from 1997...)




Outside jobs done (I did try to lift the air filter lid but one screw started to round so I sacked that off for now and came inside out of the wind and took bits apart to run cables




Bub kindly left a radio in so Bramz would have tunes for the way home (before Bramz revealed he drives in silence everywhere) but I could lob my USB in for the last few days so I appreciated it!)




But I can't be without my pioneer, so in it went and I found what I think is a good match of green for the dash, need to check in the dark. The utterly fucked speakers also don't sound as awful as I feared through it too so that's good, that can wait until payday too!




Done! Next I thought I'd lift the fuel sender out and see if it needed cleaning up. 4th light tap with a screwdriver and the fucking retaining ring snapped...




I hadn't touched the actual sender yet so it's still stuck nicely down with the 3/4 of the retaining ring that didnt move, need a new one of those then! Hey ho, no leakages. Other bits done were a slosh of spray grease in all the door latches and check straps. The drivers door checkstrap was properly loose which explained the massive cracks it made, all tightened up and silent again! Swapped the LED sidelight bulbs Bub wants back with the ones from the 406, found homes for the few random screws lying around (random grey box that the awesome central locking box is bodged onto and fusebox holder), and then it was onto the last job




It's almost like it's split it's heater matrix going by where the stain starts from, but it's not loosing coolant, the carpet is bone dry and the heaters hot, so it's probably not. I did a 320touring and  made a potion of hot water, slug of bleach and a dissolved biological washing capsule thing and sloshed a load in and got scrubbing






2 of these later and a damn good vacuum had it looking much better




I did the rear footwell too, same method






Going by how it came up I think it's just mud rather than anything worse which is fine!


The vax told a story though








Much better!




I still need to do the drivers side, it's rear footwell is very bad, but I ran out of time! I need to find the small wash head for the vax for next time, god knows what box of vacuum cleaner tools that's in. Found 2 for a Vax 121 but the 6130SX I use as my shitter vac is pumped and demands a different tool. Hey ho, another day!


It's currently say with all the windows open as it's lovely and sunny here and blowing an utter gale so should dry nicely




Need to finish cleaning the glass on the inside tomorrow, even more as I pushed the can of plusgas I'd just used to lubricate the steering UJ with my head and it's all over the windscreen...

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Those lock buttons look similar to the ones on my old 405. I never did figure out how to get the bastard things to do what they're supposed to do, and why the fuck they're not just properly attached to the rod. Utterly stupid design.

Their a proper twat, I've never had a car that's had all of them working after having a door card off! (zx, xm, zx, xant, this zx). Luckily I don't need another card off now (although the window mechs could do with a grease) but the one I have is now just sat fitted without its inner, the trim stationary as the rod moves beneath it!


Stupid fucking things. If anyone's got the way to do it nailed down, please do tell!

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