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Beko's ZX 1.4 of Temptation - Fin.


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Yep, thanks for all your help with it! Wouldn't have it otherwise!


I've been spoilt by 5 successive turbo diesel cars! It's slow, steering is very heavy, its noisy over 70.... But my god its fun! Like slipping back into an old friend!


Lots of nice little bits to do, fit the droplinks in the boot for one! Hoping my wheels from the 406 fit, their 15" not 14... I'm also having loud thoughts about seeing if the drivers seat from the 406 will bolt in... Probably won't though... I miss my arm rest!


Those spotlights are fucking brilliant too! It's like driving in daylight with them on


Was a bit lost on the empty motorway, but during my commute, it'll be fab!


Thanks daz and bramz!

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Not sure the 406 wheels will fit though, their alot bugger. Ned to post up both tyre sizes and see what the panel thinks


The wheels themselves will physically bolt on and should be the correct offset if they're 406 ones (later 206/307 ones are wrong though).  The tyre profile (195/65R15 on a 406 isn't it?) will be too tall though and I suspect will foul the rear arch.

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I saw this in daylight for the first time properly at lunchtime! It's quite tidy on the outside, few giffer dents here and there but that never bothers me








It has an engine (surprisingly) but all this room to work around it is very new and alien to me.... (2.2dci I'm looking at you)




Low mileage, some possibly careful owners, then bub...




However, every speck of dirt it has picked up in it's 57000 miles of life is all in the carpet...








Which I'm looking forward to sorting out, possibly going to be a carpet out job, but I'll see how the steam cleaner and vax shifts it!


Immediate plans are to fit the droplinks from the boot to the car, as the knocking noise from the drivers side rivals what I made the 406 start doing after destroying it's droplink, and maybe flick a vacuum around to get the worst of the scum out, and see how many more of Bub's belongings I can find, and fit my headunit.


More medium term plans are to drive it until payday and spend some actual money on it! The plus sides of this are parts are very cheap (timing belt and waterpump kit for £30 etc) and it takes the same oil as the 406, and I have a brand new bottle of that ready to go, which saves some dough!


The steering is very heavy, heavier than my old 1.4 was. I'll check the steering UJ as that caused problems in my old Volcane, and see what the power steering fluid looks like


The gear linkage is comically baggy! Like I can make the lever go on a meandering detour from 4th to 5th... Anyone know if there's any bushes or such that go?


Maybe lift the rear seat cover and see how fucked it is, bub says it's torn alot and to not look


Try not to buy things for it that are cosmetic (anyone got a keypad assembly? Mine is missing buttons...)




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Mines all the time. I shall fire a variety of liquids at it one day and see if it helps


My old blue 1.4 was a bastard for freezing the doors shut. After 2 weeks of freezing weather I boiled the kettle as I put my shoes on to go out, got the door open, turned the engine on, left the door open and put the kettle back and shut the door


Yes, I need to update that thread, well reminded!


You've not got any odds and sods kicking around have you? Keypad is missing buttons, or an oddments tray would be sweet... Parcel shelf is mega fucked too! And the drivers wing mirror does not adjust, even by force it flops down again after a few miles, gr9 for pulling out into l2 for an overtake...

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