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Peter C

2007 Volvo V70 D5 2.4 automatic - SOLD - New Owner Updates

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We are all hoping for an easy fix.


(And I'm slightly jealous that I didn't have the time, bravery, transport, need or location for what looked like a right bargain assuming it can be fixed for pocket money).

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Thanks again for all the suggestions and words of encouragement, I've got my fingers crossed as it's a top quality barge that deserves to live. I'll be going through the suggestions/thoughts on this thread at the weekend as that's the only time I get to play with cars. Good points made about the MAF and the problems starting after a full tank of fuel - if the car runs properly while doing the diesel purge then that would point the finger at bad fuel, strainer or something like that.

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I doubt it. The misfueling incident took place on the 25th of December and the engine never got to run on the wrong fuel. We drained most of the unleaded within 24 hours of the incident and the car was running just fine for the next two months.

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I doubt it too. Common rail pumps develop a lot of pressure and work to close tolerances. A misfuel would either have caused it to seize (which it hasn't) or caused wear inside so it couldn't generate enough pressure in the fuel rail, and something like that would be more evident when it's going slowly rather than running like the clappers - so I would expect starting problems more than restricted revs. I think VIDA/DICE will reveal the answer.

Incidentally, the pumps on D5s are impressive looking things; I thought it looked more like something aviation-related than out of a car.

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Picked up a ropey £20 laptop and an eBay DiCE clone and set to work, install was a bit of a pain but got there in the end after wiping the laptop to upgrade from Win7 home premium to professional. Laptop also included a DVD, Bride Wars - xtra bonus winnar. Shame the DVD drive doesn't work.


Anyway, here are the codes:



I cleared them, but annoyingly the battery was too flat to start the car so have left it on charge and will see what's going on tomorrow. At least some of the MAF codes I assume are from when we unplugged it the other day, not sure about the rest. I know someone suggested it could be an ABS/traction control fault, which is looking like a possibility given the VSS-related code. More tinkering required tomorrow.

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Where are you? Try my MAF if you want as long as it isn’t killed....my xc90 is running well!

I'm in Reading. Thanks very much for the offer, I've got a family friend down the road who has a V70 D5 so I'll probably give that a go first but it's much appreciated anyway.


I assume the red ones are current and amber historic ?

I'm not sure, I'm still getting my head round Vida but that seems likely. I wonder the VSS codes could've been thrown when the car was being towed?


Fingers crossed for tomorrow.


Did you get the key and your bank thingy?

Cheers! Not yet, was the address changed? I can pop down the road to check if needed. Did you find out about the mystery key in the armrest?

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It'll be interesting to hear whether deleting the codes has returned it to full power (it used to on mine) and which of them reappear after a drive.  Did you discover the screen that shows how many times it has seen each code and when?   


VIDA even contains the workshop manuals; it's rather an impressive bit of software.

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Had a bit of time to play with this today - not really too much further with it if I'm honest. I was going to do a compression test but I didn't have a socket that would work to get the glow plugs out. The faults that have returned are MAF signal too high and also boost pressure low, which to me suggests some kind of leak perhaps. I think I'll need to do a smoke or pressure test on the inlet system to see what's causing it, I didn't spot anything obvious when I checked it over.


I ran actuator tests on the swirl flap mechanism and the VNT actuator, both seemed to be moving freely and doing what they're supposed to do. The EGR valve also appears to be behaving itself. I also logged a few bits of data, I'm fairly new to this but from looking at the logs I think the MAF is fine as it seems to be giving sensible readings, so I think the fault code for it is to do with the fact that the engine's seeing too much air, possibly due to a leak somewhere. The only weird thing that I spotted in the logs is that the inlet air temperature at the MAF seems to increase with RPM/throttle position, although I have no idea if this is significant. Logs below:










The other thing I noticed was what looked like a leaking injector seal on cyl 3 - it's hard to tell, I think there's some noise coming from it but it's hard to hear it over the noise of the engine. Pictures of cyl 3 and cyl 2 for comparison:






The injector test didn't show up anything particularly concerning either, from what I understand they're all just about in spec:




Not too sure what's going on with it at the moment, I think my next steps will be to change the injector seal and then try to rig up a pressure or smoke test for the inlet system if that doesn't sort it. That and try running it on diesel purge to rule out faulty fuel - I'd have done that today but I'm still waiting for a filter to arrive

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Leaking injector seals won't cause it any running problems,a compression check is not needed,if it had low compression it would struggle to start, and it wouldn't cause the engine not to rev,worth checking for pressure from the exhaust pipe when trying to rev it up,if it starts to make a hissing noise or there is not much pressure it could have a blocked,cat,pdf,exhaust box,I've been caught out a few times with similar symptoms.

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Leaking injector seals won't cause it any running problems,a compression check is not needed,if it had low compression it would struggle to start, and it wouldn't cause the engine not to rev,worth checking for pressure from the exhaust pipe when trying to rev it up,if it starts to make a hissing noise or there is not much pressure it could have a blocked,cat,pdf,exhaust box,I've been caught out a few times with similar symptoms.

Good to know - I did wonder whether it would cause any running issues but I figured it needs doing anyway, but I might hold off now until I know whether I can get it running properly. Exhaust is also a good suggestion, everything seems normal to me and the DPF differential pressure sensor readings are fine, but it's probably worth taking the downpipe off the turbo to see if that makes any difference if I can't figure anything else out.

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You will only need to loosen the down pipe from the turbo,not a 5 minute job but anything that doesn't cost much is worth trying before you start throwing money at it,if the injector seals have been leaking there will be oily shit around where the injectors go into the engine,the d5 is not prone to seals leaking though,it's also worth checking the inlet manifold around the egr area because it can clog up with crap and the engin can't breathe properly.

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Try listening to that injector by using a bit of pipe as a stethoscope.  Doesn't look too bad to me though.   


When you've got the undertray off, it might be worth examining the turbo pipe that comes under the engine for leaks, such as might result from being clouted on a speed bump or similar.  I took the pipe off mine to see if it was full of oil when I was attempting to find why it was using it; I remember it was an annoyingly fiddly job, but dropping the exhaust looked much harder and the inlet side was so clean I convinced myself I didn't need to.   I also had a look at the turbo oil feed pipe to make sure it wasn't blocked and getting that to seal again was a right ordeal.


ETA: EGR might be a good call - not difficult to remove either!

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Leaking injector seals won't cause it any running problems

Agreed here, my 2.2dci was blowing on 2 injectors so much it had clag from them on cold morning, and it blew the oil that was pissing out of the rocker cover about. Drove fine, I didn't notice for ages and did another 2 months when I did!

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I don't know if the Volvo D5 engine has a PCV system?.....on the petrol turbo's, the catch can for the crankcase oil vapour is under the inlet manifold.

This gets clogged up, as does the pipework going into it.

I need to do this on my T5.


If the D5 engines DO have this set up, it would be worth a look?


I am not familiar with the D5 variant, so it might not have that set up.

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