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Bikeshite collection imminent... it might classify as chod...

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I have done an eBay. It involves a small child, and angry mum, and a very excited me. Awaiting electronic mail from the seller, and then the collection shall commence. Could be today, could be tomorrow. All I know is, I’m in the dog house for a not smoll amount of time.


All I will say is that it continues the little, old, and Italian theme of my ape thread. Just hopefully with less melted screwdriver and moar win.


To be continued..

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It’s pretty tatty, with damaged plastics and needs a good service. I’m going to have to put in the hours looking for parts for this I think...


Anyway, I’ve stripped all the plastics off, and cleaned it up a little.


The plan is:


Clean to within an inch of its life

Repair/replace plastics

Sort out rear suspension

Get better tyres

Finish in time for stoneleigh national kit car show so the mini me can ride it around


I’ll update as I go

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Do you need a CBT if it's under 50cc?

I'd love to get a daylight MOT and commute 20miles in the summer on one of those.


Not if you passed your car test before 1987? You don't even need L plates. Yah!

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just noticed this post! tell me more, I may be interested  8)


This is one of them its a bit bigger but has done more hours - it was going to be a bit more expensive but thats the one I can find a photo of



The other is smaller white and never really been used, will need to get it out to get a photo,

I'm in Horsham, West Sussex

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