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Dollywobbler's Dodgy Mazda 323F PAS Woes - £provisionally sold

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I sold the Skoda to someone in Yorkshire, because someone offered me a shit-sounding Mazda in Southport. Urgent preparations were made and the journey commenced.



I met the Skoda owner in Rochdale before a short drive to his house. GOOD OMEN.



Last Skoda pic.



Deal done, we looked at local vehicles of interest. This used to live in Sydney.



Then the new Skoda owner drove me to my new car! How nice is that? Well, I had saved him a six-hour roundtrip I guess.



I took no pictures of my new car, but did a video thing.


The horrific kangerooing issue was soon identified.



Went back to the vendor, borrowed some screwdrivers and aluminium tape and wrapped the pipe considerably. Then drove 100 miles. Had food.





Got home 12 hours after leaving.



It's a 1.5 GLX, but is surprisingly punchy. It has two weeks of MOT. It has a gash right along the nearside where it caught a gate post (or more specifically the hinge upon it). The windscreen is badly scratched by ancient wipers. There's a CV joint on the way out. There stereo is from an Alfa Romeo, sounds fantastic but is horrible to use. The buttons don't light up. 


It's all rather firm - steering wheel, seats and suspension. There's too much lumbar support and I don't think you can adjust it. There is a clutch foot rest. The column stalks are proper JDM. It is an absolute hoot on Welsh roads. Even on an odd mix of budget rubber, you don't really need to slow down for bends. It's quite remarkable.


The 'home' shot shows why there's no petrol station shot. It had three-quarters of a tank! I shall put it in for an MOT and see how much my MOT man laughs. More pics to follow.



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That wasn't what I was expecting but being hubnut I should of expected the unexpected!


Reminds me of a slighly bent and crabby Mk5 Cortina I bought for 50 quid in Islington in 1991 that I drove back to Manchester with only 1 puncture incident en route. The sense of achievement arriving home after 200 miles worth every penny.





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(doesn't egg own the coupe version of this? i know he has a 323F of some kind I remember reading his thread on it a while back but dont remember any of the details other then how theres very few left)


Yes I do. Same engine.


But I'm not impressed with the handling like DW is with his, so perhaps the stubby little body on mine messes up the 'dynamics'. Mine is also auto of course.

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I think you know my feelings about the car already, I'm properly excited. There should still be quite a few of these around in Germany so should you need any help with finding spares I'd gladly do so. I don't think you should have too much trouble though. The gash in the rear quarter panel is the only thing that isnt an easy fix, that and maybe the rust in the sills depending how bad it is...



Are the rear doors frameless too?


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Are the rear doors frameless too?


Yes, but keep fit.


Anyway, the capers.


Just cured the misfire - an HT lead had fallen off the dizzy. It doesn't really seem to click into place, so I'll have to see how it goes. I suspect I dislodged it with too much cornering enjoyment...


MOT booked for tomorrow!

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Yes, but keep fit.


Anyway, the capers.


Just cured the misfire - an HT lead had fallen off the dizzy. It doesn't really seem to click into place, so I'll have to see how it goes. I suspect I dislodged it with too much cornering enjoyment...


MOT booked for tomorrow!

Good luck for the MOT

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Welcome to the Mazda owners club. My 4 door JDM saloon is badged as a Lantis. Much the same inside, same dash and seats, but I get 4 frameless power windows and the advantage of auto trans. Oh, and 1800 cc power. Pretty sure yours was sold here as Astina -------maybe not, but JDM rules here,  just checked and there are some for sale, all badged Lantis and all 1800cc, two of them in your Green and with lovely doors on the left !

Enjoy it, they are a wee bit better than the standard 323.

P.S. I have done both front struts and one rear in the last 6 months.

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I'm not taking the p155 but that colour would actually respond well to a polish.....(Yes yes I know I have seen the scrape....)


I had one of these once (the V6 you speak about) it had a stainless steel exhaust on it...sounded nice however the alternator was shot. I lifted the bonnet, took one look at the lack of space in the engine bay, slammed the bonnet back down and booked it back into the local ring where it sold for exactly the same money.


Escaped that one luckily.....

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      Bought this off Bramz last month, done a few hundred miles in it.  Perfectly reliable, school run kaos etc
      But had some sudden and big household bills loom, so having a big sell-off

      MOT is only to end of this month though. But everything works - all windows, no dash warnings; it's been a handy and hunky dory motor car.  Interior tidy.  Exterior pretty clean, bar the odd knock and scuff and arch bubble.  It's not a shed by any means.
      History file though up to a point, recent bills for service items, but cambelt roulette.  132k.  Tyres are about 18 months old, but they are budget ditchfinders.  I intended to keep it, wanted this exact spec for years, but will have to let it go after all.
      It will need that dicky front caliper replacing as the stickiness comes back after a few days after freeing it off.  Discs look to have little time left on them too.  Bonus is being the non-Turbo it has drums on the rear.  Synchromesh scratchy when cold, clutch feels a bit crunchy action but plenty of meat there
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      Yes, the number plate is now fixed properly

      Located M1 corridor Watford <> Luton
      £7 a ticket or 3 for £20
      I'm keeping the Alfa 156 Wagon for now 
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      The postage price will vary according to weight, so the prices below exclude postage - we'll sort this out in PMs. Obviously, if anyone wants more than one, I'll send them together. All are in excellent condition, with some very minor age related creases.
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