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1993 Mazda 323 - Collected

Mike D

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Fuck. I don't remember asking for the first three. Must cut down on the cans.

I'll stick with just the three thanks Mike.

I'd never ask a man to go steady on the cans!



It was known as PCS Mazda back then (but it was owned by Nunns).

I was good mates with Micks lad! We should sort a Grimsby meet, I think theres 6 of us off the top of my head...

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Just to emphasise how great these are:


* When I had the same engine as this, the water pump what itself. I drove ten miles with no water pump, mostly uphill, and Scaryoldcortina put a new pump, cambelt etc on it. For £100. I know he's generally nice, but the parts and ease compared to other cars must be on another level.


* When I had my 5 door version, with a 1.8 and pop up lights, it may have been the best all round car I ever had. I certainly should never have sold it, but I didn't need anything more practical than my MX5 at the time.

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