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Airfix shite


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Is anyone else into their kits? In new money, that’s scale models.


Is anyone selling any? I have an unhealthy collection that I can’t particularly let the wife see.


Latest Abrams about ready to be weathered and next oldie but goody..









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Got this lot to build and turn into slot cars



I’ve not been a massive fan of car kits, I think the last one I did was the six wheel formula 1 Tyrell. It’s on a shelf somewhere.. I’ve done a few Scania but there are cars in the stash.


I think it’s mainly because I don’t like to paint stuff that looks new. I enjoy the weathering.. painting new shiny paint takes me about ten minutes and i feel like I haven’t given the kit enough attention.



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The technique is.. an airbrush! It makes the painting stages so much quicker if there is no weathering.


It doesn’t however make me motivated to get models finished. I’m waiting on a new compressor hose which I’ve needed for aaages so I’ve been slacking.


I think it’s a 1:20. I wish it was the tamiya one although it was that long ago I wouldn’t have done it justice. I’ll have to dig it out.



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The technique is.. an airbrush!

I have the infrastructure.




But I'm too much of a coward to use it. Conrad also appears to refuse to be the guinea pig, passive aggressiveness being his default demeanor.


However, I swore this is the last plastic kit I'll ever use a spray can on.




You can't imagine in your wildest dreams how involved the bodywork was. This was sinkmark heaven.

The thing I fear most is the perfection required bodywork wise for this aerobrush thingy to yield satisfactory results.

However, once the bodywork is achieved, I give you that an airbrush can yield a perfect paint job within ten minutes.


Oh, for the ones wondering, it's the Revell 1/25 snap fast plus kit.

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I made a conscious decision to stop peeing about with Airfix and the like some years ago on grounds of space, however


If anyone would like to buy a complete set of Airfix magazines from 1968 for £6.00 plus postage, give me a shout.

They're in reasonable condition, everything readable, not ripped and not falling apart although there is some notation on some of the covers.

I bought them from ebay, because one of the covers featured a Vauxhall FE Victor and I couldn't remember Airfix doing one -

They didn't, it was just a cover pic totally unrelated to the rest of the mag,

And I was curious as to how to convert a Lightning F1a into an F6 -

Answer, carve a new tail out of balsa wood & make a new ventral tank using a shit load of filler.

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i think with painting its all down to the individual, i used to work a lot in O gauge 7mm to the foot railways, my usual paint method was rattle cans as i couldnt justify a good airbrush and compressor, giving each model a prime before filling and sanding then a couple coats of topcoat. for weathering i loved dry brushing to get the dirty and rusty streaks, build up the colour gradually. found it very relaxing


with good air gear you can get amazing results and if your doing a large amount like a rake of coaches it is cost effective, to me it felt like a production line and a wee bit impersonal

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I had a decent win on eBay today, I wanted a few heli kits the other week when I was in the local Model shop but ended up buying an Apache just because it was there.


I originally wanted a Viper and a Havok to go with my Little Bird and transport choppers, managed to win four for £12 today.




I wonder what the quality of the revel one is compared to the Ital one.



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