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Citroen Xantia *Project*. MOT April.

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So.  My Xantia currently resides in Mrs Hoker's private parking space round the back of the apartments.  It would be great if another shiter wanted to take it on as a running project, as it still has ticket until April and is, basically, still an eager wee car.

Naturally with several issues.

It has an engine whine which could be the alternator, or maybe a pulley.  I have recently had a new pulley and belt fitted though (paperwork of course - for those who care).

It definitely needs new brake pads, and also these are making the grinding noise a bit now - due to sitting for weeks.  It was fine before, but I was aware they needed doing soon.

It wants a damn good servicing.  Well don't we all.  Suspension goes up and down, but not as eagerly as it used to.

Clutch was always arses from when I got it, but I got used to it and it never bothered me.  I rang the previous owner's garage (super nice guy) and he told me there was no issue with it when he had it in last - so I have always assumed it was a Xantia thing?  Not sure.  Maybe it is just on it's way out.

It'll need a new battery, as the one in it is brand new, and I'm gonna need it for my new large diesel engine.  Am charging one at work though which should be ok.

Body work is pretty damn good for an old Xantia, slight bubbling on one side, and slight dent in passenger arch. It cleans up very well.

It is not at all clean!  But I'll be hoovering it out etc when I get the time this week.

Has a towbar with working electrics.

Interior is in good shape.

I fell out of love with it due to not really ever finding a comfortable driving position - I'm 6ft.  And then rather than put more money into it, I bought a very silly car, which is more comfortable.


I'll add more details as they come to me, but for now, thought I'd stick it on here and see what people think.  I don't really want to scrap it!

It's on about 98,000 miles and currently SORNed.

Pics will of course follow when I get down to Mrs Hoker's gaff tomorrow or so.


2001 Citroen Xantia 2.0 HDi Forte

Y734 CAH


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It has decent history with it - I bought it off an 80 something yr old guy in Norfolk - ex military engineer.  But that's not to say that it's suddenly amazing or anything!

It was in good hands for the latter part of it's life though.

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Here is the original purchase post with photos - from May last year..  Underneath the dirt, it hasn't changed at all in my shortish ownership, other than a smattering of Autoshite/HubNut stickerage.

I put an aftermarket stereo in it, but it will come with the original Citroen-provided tape deck.



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This is provisionally sold - thankfully to a mechanically minded shiter!  I suspect it will end up a peach.  :)


Dunno about the clutch Wuvvum, it's just kinda shite, but then not on the way out.  Or maybe it is.  Unhelpful answer.

I believe it may be a 'Xantia thing'

Or not.

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My xantia clutch was heavu but that was a xud cable clutch. My hdi 90 is quite heavy but a friend's picasso hdi 90 is very light. Both hydraulic were mine is getting ready for replacement so it would be a possibility

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