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eBay tat volume 3.

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Those actually make half decent vans, or even camper conversions if you can find a cheap ex-builders one. The engines aren't particularly troublesome, they're fast enough and can take a load. A mate picked up one for £650, ply lined but a bit rough - chucked a mattress in the back and toured the beaches of Cornwall. 


The mega-money ones with cheap chinese stick-on tat thrown at them look terrible though. LED headlamps and clear this and tinted that and fuggin' Porsche bits.... it's still the same van, still does the same job so how does £650 sound? 

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Bloody lovely vans. I spent a good few months being paid to drive around in a 1.9 turbo diesel, and a 2.4 non-turbo, five-pot diesel. Absolutely marvellous. They cornered very well, but I don't recommend getting one airborne. They land heavily...


Shame folk spend thousands of pounds ruining them. And that you just can't get cheap ones anymore.

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Mega-cheap Puma, even with the engine telling knock-knock jokes the rest of it's so tidy that the BIN seems like a steal.






If I had some spare ££ I'd definitely give this a shot although it sounds fairly terminal, 1.4 Zetecs must be pretty easy to come by though.  I'd wonder what on earth the owner's been doing to it to knacker 2 engines though.

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Feeling the Xantia Love? £395


Best colour of EvAh in my humble opinion


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Here we have an example of the increasingly rare Russian made 3NM-350 it is a two wheel drive machine, all running and driving.  Twin cylinder two stroke 350cc engine



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The biggest POS that £2000 can buy you today;







these are rear to come by a bit of tlc from the novice mechanic and you will have a cracking summer car 

Dick Ed



runs but a bit ruff

Like ya mum then



needs a dash carpets car is a project needs painted

No it needs slinging in a skip



everything else works as it should 




would swap for a everyday run about 

Yeah I bet you fecking would, good luck with that.

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