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eBay tat volume 3.


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Not many of these Fourtraks left they all seemed to turn to powder over night. This one's probably survived as it isn't fitted with the plastic fantastic body kit that kept trapped water up close and personal with the metal.




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a few times now.


I looked at it about a month back as it was on the way to London.  Seemed OK but never worth the asking even with an MOT. Would not let me test drive as was in garage by himself. Sounded OK but was very hesitant to start and would not tickover for a while.  Then stalled when I put it in gear.


Reckon just needed the damp blown out of it.


IIRC there was rust around back dorr/rear arch/sill. I did not bother making an offer as £300 was the top I would have paid (I am a tight git though)

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