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eBay tat volume 3.


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8 minutes ago, egg said:

Love those low spec Carltons, they give off the air of being just being an oversized Cavalier rather than 'exec transport'. 

Dad had a D reg,  black 1.8L automatic, his last company car. In 1988 he asked me to drop him at the airport, Glasgow, as he had a meeting in London. I also had a job interview that morning and felt proper guilty after dropping him off, then pulling up outside the job centre in Johnstone, suited and booted, to run in, sign on and drive off, with many people looking at me thinking, cunt!

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11 hours ago, egg said:

Can't work out what's going on here...



Looking at the pictures, id be more worried about the oil spots all over the road where its been manouvered, lets just ignore the totally borked front wheels and god knows what else

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