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eBay tat volume 3.


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2004 volvo FH460 6x2 casino royale airbrushed show truck, eminox, tipping gear | eBay


'James bond casino royale themed airbrush artwork'

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Not mentioned:

'Play Your Cards Right' with Hitler

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3 hours ago, jim89 said:

I still don't get the rest 🤔

Sorry, translation:

My daughter and her boyfriend have the ex @BorniteIdentity Avensis SR, after taking it to Dubrovnik in 2022 it's become her daily driver. It has the older, trustworthy Camry/Celica/MR2-type engine which has now done over 282k miles, and its colour is Tuscan Plum. SR is a rare trim level on the Avensis, possibly UK-market only, but just cosmetic.


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3 hours ago, Cavcraft said:

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1992 Ford ESCORT DIESEL Diesel Manual | eBay

I don't know how much a dominatrix costs these days, but even being made to wear Anne Widdicombe's apple catchers and a Liverpool shirt couldn't be as painful, embarrassing or expensive as eight thousand fucking quid on an  Escort van. 

'the engine is strong robust and fairly lively '

Fucking bollocks it is. They're about as lively as Jesus' knob.


Me and the other ‘alf have just convulsed at the last sentence….

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16 minutes ago, egg said:

That's brilliant. Love how it's powered by a motorbike battery held in with blue twine, too.

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