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eBay tat volume 3.


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Honda VFR400 ?1989 | eBay

'Will need to be dragged out through the dray hole so a stout rope and some muscle will be nescessary'

Bloody hell, M8, most people are just happy with a hamster up their arse.

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15 minutes ago, richardmorris said:

Worth giving them a call. It’s a well known specialist.

I know, it's Chevronics. Which is surprising considering they sold the Silver XM with just a few more miles but in vastly better condition for exactly the same money. I'm not sure if 7k less miles and a better color combo justify that, especially at this time of the year. This should be several hundred quid cheaper really.

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15 hours ago, goosey said:

Looking at the MOT history it’s had its sills and rear spring mounts repaired on every other MOT since 2010ish there’s also the issue of the May and Schofield immobiliser that will fail at some point which will probably scrap the car 

I get the feeling that American Automotive companies have been shit for a very long time.  Complacent is probably the word. 



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