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eBay tat volume 3.


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4 hours ago, horriblemercedes said:

I think one is the door latch release. But I like your theory more 

Yes, this was quite a thing on Fords of that era, having a door release that looks exactly like a window winder.

A friend had a 105E Anglia a few years ago with the same feature.  He was delighted* when I opened the passenger door at 40 mph, especially as closing it again was a struggle even when stationery thanks to the sills having somewhat diminished structural rigidity.

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8 minutes ago, barrett said:

Crikey! got some MoT left, too. I wonder what's wrong with it? Or, more specifically, what isn't wrong with it...

Or who exactly he owes to sell something like that, at that price in a hurry. 

At this specific time, at this specific place, localised entirely in his [Richard] Kitchen. 

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5 minutes ago, Schaefft said:

Exactly , someone get on this asap, no matter what’s wrong with it it’ll be gone in the next few minutes!

It's a couple of hours away but its very tempting. Why the need to get it gone though? I smell trouble...

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