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eBay tat volume 3.


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1 minute ago, Cheggers said:

I'm amazed you can secure a loan on one at all.

Despite the current 'cost of living crisis' and the 'affordability checks' on new loans/mortgages it would appear that credit is easily available for virtually anything. Currently watching sprog #2 digging a large, dark financial hole and, this time, no bank of grown ups to help (I mean when you're in your thirties it must be just about time to stand on your own two feet?).
One of the contributors to said hole is a PCP agreement funnily enough - like you asked awhile back, is any new car sold outright these days?

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21 hours ago, D.E said:

I had one of these on LPG that tinworm killed. The 3.2 petrol has permanent 4WD and has a lot of grunt - weirdly though it only had a 2.3 (or maybe 2.6) tonne towing capacity on the plate - probably because they used the 4 cyl petrol or a diesel for the proving tests?
Lot of parts match with early Rexton so it's not that bad to keep running - if you can live with the fuel consumption

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49 minutes ago, meggersdog said:

I can’t remember the last time I saw a Granada L that still had the original 2 spoke steering wheel. Always seem to get replaced by the 4 spoke.

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