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eBay tat volume 3.


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Just now, grogee said:

I was going to say, £5-7k feels steep for a bit of a niche grandad car. Still like them though. 

Some of their prices were like that - particularly things like the 820 that's probably not their normal fodder - glancing through the results there's a fair few didn't reach the reserve prices but some of those are now available as a 'buy it now'?

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I quite like how age and it's mere existence on earth has given this little Ka a utilitarian look, with the faded bumpers and someone's attempt at protecting the sills with that black tide mark. 











I wouldn't normally paste that many pictures, but why not, its a used and abused R reg Ka!


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1 hour ago, 3VOM said:

trust me I want to buy that so badly! but I am just trying to figure out the logistics of it, I have already sent the seller a message asking for some general details, my usual "I am an Invacar enthusiast, I keep track of all surviving machines and I would love to know more about the story of yours for my research. and im am more then happy to assist in any questions you might have yourself about it :) "

but I have not heard back yet sadly, and if his communication is not there then im not sure how I would go about buying something like this remotely LOL


I have at least figured out somewhere I can possibly stash it, however there are further complications on that as the person who is very kindly offering me covered storage space,  wont be able to go pickup for at least 3 weeks so I would have to then also figure out either an external transport company to move it up to said storage space or see if the seller could hang onto it for 3 weeks!


But BTW as a side note, if someone else here wants to buy it, please by all means go ahead! I just really want to make sure it finds a good home, its quite the significant Argson so I dont want it to fall into bad hands

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