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eBay tat volume 3.


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1 hour ago, D.E said:

Yea, mine had six months when I sold it to six cyl. What’s that nibbling sound you can hear? Metal moths.

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Lexus 2002 , GS430 SE AUTO, 4 DOOR SALOON | eBay

'The boot looks a bit of a different colour not sure if weather or the light'

The rest of us are unsure if your mate is having a piss or cracking one off


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I like this. I mean proper like it, although I have far too many projects already. Five cylinders, proper gearbox, and it's fucking purple.


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13 hours ago, UltraWomble said:


Ho Ho Ho
He He He
Eric the Half a Golf



Hats off to them. They've rendered a fucking dreadful car completely unusable.

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15 hours ago, garethj said:

Forty five grand gets you a Ford Escort or Volkswagen Van, neither of which, unlike this, are approved by Audrey Forbes-Hamilton 



These have four speeds. Slow, slower, snail's pace and stopped. I have no idea how they got so little power from a 3.1l engine.

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