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eBay tat volume 3.


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Is it the same engine in those as in the Gilera Runner 180?  Those were a seriously rapid scooter.  Dragster is a fantastic looking bike, but my experience with bikes with swing-arm front suspension is that they have a turning circle that would make a Series 3 Land Rover blush, so they're a bit pants for nipping through traffic.

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Fascinating* fact of the day: Ssangyong Turismo SE is an anagram of 'Rusty minges soon as'

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9 hours ago, stendec said:

1957 Chevrolet Belair £15,650

"does require welding mainly to passenger floor and some on the drivers side floor and spare wheel tub"


Squashed photo Looks more like a Vauxhall Victor F series , although I believe it was supposed in reality to to some extent. ( the Vauxhall was designed to look like the Chevy not the other way round)

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Product photo of 1984 FIAT 131 supermirafiori


Sad sale of my 131 2.0 twincam It's blue with light coloured interior. Most of an MOT While I've had it my dad and I have fitted new caliper, new rear cylinders new rear shoes and brake springs. It had the cambelt replaced by us about 2 months ago New plugs and ignition timing corrected I've done 4 wheel alignment on it at work and replaced a few bulbs and upgraded the headlamp bulbs. It has Bluetooth radio with handsfree built in. Central locking, electric windows and power steering all work and I have 2 sets of keys. It's really solid underneath to the point the MOT tester wanted to buy it as he said it was a "bloody miracle" It's been previously painted and rust stains are just starting to come through with a few bubbles but it's very good for 38 years old. Starts spot on everytime, sounds nice, goes like stink and has 4 good Goodyear tyres Really don't want to sell it as I've been using it as my daily and it brings a smile to my face every day but Im skint. '


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Another Austin 3 litre - £2,500

"One of the last 100 built.  Has been off the road for around 6 years , sills are all good , inner wings all good , although she’s mot exempt , it will not need any welding if you did decide to mot."

Thankfully (i) I don't have a spare £2.5k and (ii) it's at the other end of the UK as otherwise I'm stupid enough to buy it!



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