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eBay tat volume 3.


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mercedes ml 320 | eBay 

'gearbox filter need replacement vehicle wheel drive for about 10 mile down will have to wait another 20 minutes to cool down and then will drive for another 10 miles'

 Looking at the way it's been parked, it'll be fucked by the time you get off his drive

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It must be impossible to make this seem much worse

TOYOTA TOWNACE spares or repair | eBay

'Relooking at the photos the front seats don't swivel. Sorry for the mistake.'

It must be impossible to make this seem much worse

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Ok, you win.

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2 minutes ago, bunglebus said:

these used to be for sale in the Littlewoods catalogue when I was young.  Man , I wanted one so bad!

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Vintage - believed Fisher 1960,s – 2 Berth Caravan, with Many Original Features | eBay

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Not trying to promote people buying a caravan or tent so they can enjoy a bunk up with their missus, but 'amorously interacted' is an anagram of Dermot Oleary is a cunt.

See you in three minutes folks. 

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On 11/2/2022 at 2:36 PM, wuvvum said:

KGF are selling this 954cc Samba for only* £4.5K.


I had one identical to this in about 2006.  Same colour and everything.  It was advertised in the local paper as free to a good home.  How times have changed...

Guy I know had one of these in a similar scenario to yourself, I think he maybe gave £50 for it or something with no mot as it had sat in another one of the boys grans garages as she couldn't drive anymore. 

Same colour and engine,had done something mental like 20k,maybe less. 

It went straight thru the mot despite sitting for about 7 years. 

Day he got moted, he hand painted it black and hand painted the wheels grey primer, cut the back box off and painted a number on the roof, put a poolball gear on on it etc, fucking ruined it. I can remember my mate saying he walked past in it Mumbles and you could still smell the paint drying!!

Drove it everywhere flat out for a few months top gear style, crashing it into walls, jumping on the roof, just wrecked it really before it ever got another mot. 

To be fair though they were totally unfashionable back then in 1993/4, and that's coming from someone who drove a 5dr Uno 🤣🤣🤣🤣

He's had a good collection of shite since though and does seem to actually care for his cars now. 

His old man had a brand new XM citroen as well so some respect must be given 🤣🤣

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