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eBay tat volume 3.


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Simca 1300 barn find only 3 survive | eBay

'as for welding from what I can see it’s had some but doesn’t appear to need any maybe a good stab might create a hole but there’s none showing' 

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3 hours ago, Aston Martin said:

Who knew the Diahatsu Materia was rebadged as the Toyota bb?

Other way round, the second gen bB was a Toyota first and foremost - rebadged and sold as the Daihatsu Materia here for some reason. Though sold is a loose term - HML reckons that 586 manual and 281 auto Materias were the most ever on the road in the UK - less than a thousand.

Amusing to think one appeared in a Top Gear part with an Ascari A10. Wonder how many sales that inspired?

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21 hours ago, 500tops said:

That's gorgeous. MOT history suggests Scotland's climate has helped* the underside, but it looks a genuine motor otherwise. So damn rare now too. 

Can't someone buy it and point it a bit closer to Cornwall? 

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