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eBay tat volume 3.


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6 minutes ago, 11001010 said:
que cor é M8?
scouser shell terno azul m8



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21 hours ago, 11001010 said:


1987 Pontiac Tojan Convertible
This not a kit car. They were factory-produced, made from an F-body Firebird by Knudsen Manufacturing in Omaha, Nebraska and they were commissioned by GM. 






What American car company would name their product Trojan?

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COMMER TS3 TIPPER TRUCK Lorry Classic Vintage Bedford Dodge Leyland ERF | eBay


'This is a twin ram tipper.
Aluminum tipper body. I also have the aluminum sides.
 Cab needs a fair bit of welding.
All cab glass and window frames are boxed up separately and come with the truck, as are the seats.
Great project for the right person.
Only for sale as I have too many projects at present'


Not mentioned:


'Commer tipper truck' is an anagram of Cock trumpet primer.


You're welcome.

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Left hand drive Mercedes Benz 1613 6 cylinder 7000 litre WATER tanker. | eBay


'8 speed manual gearbox

Hub reduction axles

7000 litres capacity

3 compartments'

Not mentioned:

Mercedes water tanker is an anagram of 'wanker cream retested'



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