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eBay tat volume 3.


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3 hours ago, Lacquer Peel said:

The Bora was pitched as a competitor to the 3 series. You can get them with all sorts of engines, V5, VR6. 

In my opinion the Bora is better, looks better, doesn't necessarily get the stigma attached like BM's usually do, and are quite rare now, certainly good ones are

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3 minutes ago, Tubbo said:

Couldn't even be bothered to wash it for the photos

Surely the damage would fail an MOT, it isn't sharp but it could become loose

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12 hours ago, cort16 said:

Thsts been well loved by the previous owner, he did an absolute peen of work to it. Its a GLS although it looks like an SRi. Hope it gets sold on to someone that appreciates it a bit more than the guy who has it there.  Thankfully he took off the awful tint film that he applied the front lights for a short time.

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On 6/25/2022 at 11:10 PM, morrisoxide said:

Interesting Morris 8


Shame about the new squeaky clean RED interior, oh and lack of V5.

That's amazing! I remember when that was first discovered back in 1987!!! I always wondered what became of it - I certainly feel better about the lack of progress on some of my projects if all they've managed to do in 35 years is put a horrible interior in it. I don't think anyone ever figured out its history or who built it. Nice to think these things are still coming out of the woodwork these days.

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3 hours ago, DodgyBastard said:

This was the boy who enquired about my stellar.

Screenshot 2021-01-24 194923.png



I nearly spat out my pop when i read your response 🤣🤣🤣


How the fuck is "save up your pennies" offensive 🤔🤔🤔🤔, I've used that saying for about 40 years 🙄🙄🙄

Sweet jesus, incredible. There's a lad been helping out the builders on our house of a similar age to this goon, as he's a relative, no child labour I swear!!!

No moaning, super polite but takes a joke well, no film star but has a super hot girlfriend and he's just grafted and grafted the last three weeks, proper nice chap. 

The only thing against him is my dog doesn't like him for some reason and tries to bully him making me think I've missed something about his personality🤣🤣🤣

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On 6/26/2022 at 12:59 PM, Dick Longbridge said:

I know a few have binned the Ecotec lump  and retrofitted an XE. That definitely isn't an XE though. I know the Ecotecs are around 20bhp less than their forefather - what are they like performance-wise in comparison? I loved the XEs I ran in my old Cavalier GSis - engine note was fruity and they were such willing lumps. I assume GM replaced the XE with a lesser quality item due to emissions? 

Vauxhall were even trying to save money halfway through the XE reign with their own effort that used to go porus. I found the vaux XE much less willing than the cossie version. 

The ecowreck was actually an OK engine but very dull compared to any XE, they had good torque but we're no better on fuel than the old XE, which was excellent on fuel!!! 

I think it was just an insurance style saving like when Ford made everything "Zetec" rather than xr or rs to make them less desirable to thieves. 

They need not have bothered, the looks of the mk4 fiesta and mk5 escort (cossie aside) were enough to put any car thief off taking one. Plus the flat as a pancake performance didn't help either. 

Some total crap out there between 95-99 from the big boys. 

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3 hours ago, louiepj said:


Perodua Kelisa for £310 in Gillingham with mot till September.


Brilliantly* parked.* Also, note the crispy rear arches have been professionally* repaired sprayed over in other pics. Current MOT could well be its last.

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