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eBay tat volume 3.


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21 hours ago, barrett said:

Off the road for about 8 years I think, but I have never seen it in use in all the time I've lived here - it only appeared once recently, dragged out of the garage when they were having some work done on the house. It's possible the owners haven't lived here for that long, but even when it was 'on the road' I never saw it out, and I think I would have done if it was being used. Here's my pic showing the whole reg if you want to look it up.


iirc this thing is a relatively recent confection by a private owner, not a period conversion. I think the roof is Mk1 Cortina but I could be wrong. The biggest giveaway is the shape of the boot lid and rear window. If that was a '60s job the boot would be much cruder, and certainly wouldn't go down into the rear panel under the boot shut of the saloon (difficult to explain, but if you look at the 'official' estates they use a modified standard bootlid with no extra cutting to the shell) and also it's highly unlikely the rear window glass would be curved if this was a '60s conversion. There was some info floating about the web on this car years ago (I have some pictures saved of it) but I can't seem to find it anymore annoyingly.



The blue example is certainly a home brewed concoction with Cortina MK1 tin,  I seem to recall reading an article about the other official conversion years ago and that there were just 2 built both for the Kenyan Police.

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On 6/20/2022 at 1:26 PM, barrett said:

Argh! MY previously-spotted used-to-live-around-the-corner Estelle is now for sale on marketplace!!!



Up for a not unreasonable £2k, but I do wonder what I could have got it for last year if I'd left a note on it, as planned (assuming it's changed hands since then). Also, one owner and 30k! I wish I had some money because it looks great. It's also exactly one year younger than I am.

Made contact with the seller and started playing around with Shipley quotes . Even asked the Mrs if she fancied a weekend in Brighton

Please somebody buy this before I do something silly . I don't even have time to work on the current needy fleet

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14 hours ago, wuvvum said:

Be like @JJ0063, only with four wheel drive.

I call BS on that being awd or 4wd, too low and too cheap...




OK I wuz wrong....

Transit 125 T350 Awd
Model Detail Tdci 125 4WD L2H2 MWB


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Not really Autoshite but this seems like incredible value.  Just 5000, absolute bargain if you calculate per lb. These things really were built to a high standard in comparison with most American stuff.


1965 Chrysler imperial crown (low miles, great condition). For Sale (picture 3 of 10)

1965 Chrysler imperial crown (low miles, great condition). For Sale (carandclassic.com)



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