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eBay tat volume 3.


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Les plus:
- tableau de bord Rallye typé Chrono (manomètres JAEGER- accessoire au catalogue Citroën de 1983)
- volant MOTO-LITA (accessoire au catalogue Citroën de 1983) - jantes AMIL racing (rare!)
- Modèle avec satellite commodo PRN ( Pluie-Route-Nuit) très prisé des citroenistes
- Carte grise normale mais passeport FFVE disponible !





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That engine bay looks seriously narrow, 

has anyone ever done an engine conversion on one of these ? 

don’t have a problem with the current set up just wondering if it’s ever been done 


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49 minutes ago, J W Pepper said:

Can one of the Leyland nerds help me out here please?

My Grandad (the one with the pipe, not smelly Grandad) had a black Maxi. I swear I remember it having chequered flag badges somewhere (front wings?) but I've never seen it since. 

Was this a thing, did some Maxis come with a chequered flag badge? 

Chequered flag, because Maxi = racetrack speeeeeeeed.

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