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eBay tat volume 3.


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56 minutes ago, SteersWithThrottle said:

Difficult to figure the thinking of some people... personally I would just have thrown the entire filter housing away and made a velocity stack out of an old coke can

Maybe he`s got an old pair of tights stretched over the actual intake, like I`ve got on some of my Fiats...

22755667568_394599a5df_k 1.jpg

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16 hours ago, morrisoxide said:

PETER KAY'S PHOENIX Nights Come and get yer black bin bags Jumbo Fridge  Magnet £3.99 - PicClick UK


On offer until December.



Heavy duty black bin bags.

Looks a bit like a Lancia.

Come and get your black bin bags.

Just rip with me.

"With chips or a salad it's CORNED BEEF, why don't you try corned beef hash????". 

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7 hours ago, Austat said:

Dear old Donald Stokes - so close to greatness but oh dear...what detailing.

Are all the dash plastics meant to be different shades. Who thought sludge green was a good interior colour with turquoise paint - and turquoise was that a good idea.

And the steering wheel surround - by splitting the plastic vertically rather than  horizontally you get that ugly join.



And the B-pillar why not trim it in brightwork to get the window line to run through and disguise the short door. And why not give the coupe a decent name  - 'Diabalo' was rejected  - the coupe could have been named differently to the saloon to make it more interesting. 

Oh and get it to handle...

And make a really hotted MG version - oh I forgot you did not like MG Donald...

The car overall is a nice shape - such a pity.



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May be an image of car and outdoors

Cheapish P6B. I am starting to really like these, A lot. Near where I live too, but being in the Porton Down Danger Area, buy at your own risk 😆

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If you hover your mouse over this image on the eBay link it actually looks like a giant dog is shitting on that blokes head


Image 8 - Kawasaki Z1000 ST 1979 Low Miles V5c Historic Registered Lovely Condition

Kawasaki Z1000 ST 1979 Low Miles V5c Historic Registered Lovely Condition | eBay

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Will Cypha. The whole idea behind the "will" brand is pretty mad and very Japanese. A bunch of companies including Toyota got together and seperately made a range of products under the Will brand targeted at the youth.

The products went from cars, to chocolate, to fax machines and washing machines.



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