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eBay tat volume 3.


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3 minutes ago, meggersdog said:

Don't think so, but it was at FOTU in 2019 (which is where that photo was taken by the looks of it).

Estimate looks rather reasonable - in fact if it stays towards the lower end I might end up doing something silly.

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3 minutes ago, meggersdog said:

As part of my actions for the 480 club, I actually went to see this car on behalf of the club and to help the owner get a handle on what it had. It was a very nice, local example that had been in storage for a few years. Unfortunately shortly after he got it back on the road the cambelt snapped, so it needed new piston rings. However he assures me that this has all been done now 

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16 minutes ago, Shite Ron said:

I would love to buy this, unfortunately I already have too many cars:



That is one of my dream cars. I may* have mentioned this before. *Every time one comes up I think. This would be the best colour too if it wasn't shagged. That blue with the orange velour is perfect though the velour in this looks very faded. I don't need a project (I have far too many jobs to do already) and can't afford a good one so it shall remain a dream car. 

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21 minutes ago, meggersdog said:

Drive to some deserted woodland, put on some mirrored shades and recreate that photo


nah, you're doing it wrong. Should be stood infront of it looking moody.


That's a weird one. Not a Triumph colour. Earlier boot lid. By F reg it would have a one piece badge, not individual letters. Then it has later seats from a 1500 or Dolomite which is actually no bad thing, they are higher backed and more supportive. I have a set in my 1300. 

But the weirdest thing is the 1500 steering wheel. 


The 1300 has a horn bar in the steering wheel, this one doesn't, so they will have to have fitted a horn elsewhere which hardly seems worth the effort when the 1300 wheel looks so much nicer as well. 

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