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eBay tat volume 3.


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6 hours ago, cort16 said:

I think you've went a bit OTT on the exterior roll cage M8





5 hours ago, willswitchengage said:

I know where I've seen that before


all it needs is someone to weld a Teapot to it while the owner is not looking...

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9 hours ago, Tadhg Tiogar said:

Early S2, so will have twin TPS. Fun. Only seems to have a single LCD display; I thought the Prestiges had 3?

Seller Keith Davis is well-known as a stockist of NOS CX and DS body panels and other parts. £1200 for a bonnet lid.

Only the turbos had three I think.  The first CX I drove was a C reg prestige in metallic blue with beige leather. I suppose I should have bought it -60,000 miles, and £3500 in 1998.

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1 minute ago, Tadhg Tiogar said:

All the S2 petrol turbos I've seen had four.

So long since I’ve been in one I can’t remember any more. Looks like a nice prestige anyway. When I had my Pallas Roger Bradford was selling a s2 prestige with 14,000 miles in 2000. I wonder what happened to that?

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Peugeot, 205, Hatchback, 1992, Manual, 1769 (cc), 3 doors

I've just been to look at this. 

It runs well, brakes seem OK and the fluid is clean. 


welding is cosmetically challenged, and it's had a lot - inner wings, possibly strut tops, outer and inner sills.
boot floor is holed
no battery
cracked headlight
passenger door doesn't open and lock barrel is mullered/pushed in 
No radio and wiring is mangled 
Steering cowl is present but not attached - there's a light switch under it that apparently does something with hydrogen to increase the fuel economy
inside is absolutely hanging 
rear tyres are bald, I'm suspicious the rear beam is fucked
spare wheel carrier was covered in rust - didn't want to find out if it was seized
Inside of bonnet is crispy
Blower motor doesn't work
random wires everywhere. 

The ad says 'make me an offer' but hes firm on price. 

Oh, and the seller started going on about ivermectin  working as a Covid vaccine, and that it also cured his joint pain overnight. 

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35 minutes ago, loserone said:

You should just buy it at that price

Nah, it's as grim as that 305, and I only want it to make money on it. I figure there's £300 to put in before it's MOTd, and if it didn't pass it'd be past what the car was worth. Better to hang on for a better one. 

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