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eBay tat volume 3.


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No Paperwork - Full Receipt Given!

Ignition Barrel / Steering Column Lock Slightly Disassembled/Damaged 

Turns Over With Good Compression, However Doesn’t Fire Up - Suspected Immobiliser 


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Two door Escort Mk II that hasn't been turned into a rally replica.... yet.


Would Make a Perfect Rally Car Project 

Edit: I am 99% sure this one was for sale on one of our local sites recently, the current seller has just reused the photos of the previous trader. 

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11 hours ago, D.E said:

Oh My Goodness. Could really fancy another one of these! Awful things but really like for some reason! And it's an auto! Weird.

Sadly, transportation to me in Norfolk will be ridiculously expensive though I imagine.

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17 hours ago, Kringle said:

Browsing car adverts on Facebook, for some reason clothes keep coming up in amongst the Renault 5's and Bedford Bambi's, anyone else get that?

Sometimes I'm okay with this.


Should say Much Wantage

someones bought it - cant find ad anymore LOL

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