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eBay tat volume 3.


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18 hours ago, MarvinsMom said:


is a road trip to Wally World a green holiday destination or a yellow one?

either way this is the car to go there in.

Image 1 - buick roadmaster station wagon

its even got formica side trim, whats not too like!

Wow that is a nice one! I should bought the '96 that was parked in a field that popped up for a grand on ebay a few years ago. Still want one!

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6 hours ago, eddyramrod said:


My late mate Dave had one of those about 30 years ago, in yellow.  He had it resprayed red.  If the car above is a 2.0 auto, TCW 555T, that's his.


Looks like  ?OM 621S


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On 5/22/2021 at 10:28 AM, ProgRocker said:

Norfolk based Ford Sierra Sapphire with 'Olympic' graphics. No bids yet (set at £4k).


Image 1 - ford sierra sapphire

I've even spotted this car out and about a couple of times:

1992 Ford Sierra Sapphire 1.8 LaserFord Sierra Sapphire Laser

A 1.8 Laser apparently.

That is absolutely gorgeous.  I really realy like it.  Everything's correct for me - Sapphire, nice trims, VG plate, winner.  Shame I don't have £4k for a superfluous toy.

Meanwhile, this is also fantastic.  Naturally I expect nobody here to buy it and a few people to say "I remember when you could pick these up for 14 pence, some belly button fluff and a packet of Wrigleys Juicy Fruit" but whatever.  I think it's smashing.

Image 1 - 1990 Ford Sierra 4x4 ghia Estate manual Very Rare

Image 5 - 1990 Ford Sierra 4x4 ghia Estate manual Very Rare

Image 11 - 1990 Ford Sierra 4x4 ghia Estate manual Very Rare


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