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eBay tat volume 3.

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15 hours ago, angle said:

I know bugger all about cars from this post war era, but is this really only worth £2,995? Am I missing something? It looks lovely. 




probably because the guy selling just bought it for its registration mark GAD815 which its just been robbed of sadly (even without any special tools you can tell, aside from the obvious modern retroreflective plates etc, OXS258 is part of a current 1931-1952 age related plate series being issued by the DVLA)

always makes me very sad to see this happen, a car which has had its identity for 75 years, stolen from it by someone just looking to make a quick buck...

still a lovely old thing which hopefully can find a better home now at least!

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1 hour ago, eddyramrod said:

TBF you are probably right!  I paid less than half of that for Huggy five years ago...

Don't take this the wrong way, but your Cadillac is a complete shed and if somebody wanted to bring it up to the same condition as that Galaxie they'd have to spend, what, £25k on it? For it to be worth £10k? Of course a beautiful, sound, totally original car with a mint (in both senses of the word) interior is worth twice what a hanging old beater is worth! And the Ford is always gonna be the more attractive car regardless of condition.

I love seeing 'cla**ics' in crappy condition with primer patches, fibreglass repairs etc being used as transportation - that's what this whole website is about - but you can't compare one with the other here. That's like me complaining that nobody wants my crappy old 1.4 BX for £500 but would happily pay £2500 for a fully restored 16v GTi...

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2 hours ago, cort16 said:

this looks tidy given 1: It's an old Ford, 2: It's done well over 200,000 miles.

it needs a bit of work but it's not got a crazy price on it either.



This had me raising an eyebrow though:

"New owner will have to apply for logbook 
Problem with ignition/ starter motor but starts with 2 wires under the bonnet"
MOT history shows quite a bit of rot too.
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See Facebook 'MK1 Mondeo Register' for this hottie.


1994 Mk1 Mondeo GLX 1.8 Zetec Manual - Radiant Red
1 owner car from new!
Always serviced and maintained at the same Ford dealer for the past 27 years!
Still on the original dealer plates
Fresh 12 months MOT
128k miles



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