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eBay tat volume 3.


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He's warmed your cockles with his magic tricks

Glasses, bottles,bottles, filter tips

John Player special

number 666



might have to buy it after the watershed

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42 minutes ago, R1152 said:

There's something so comically absurd about a Vandy Allegro that makes me want one; also, aren't these the last true Vandys? 

yes the Allegro Vanden Plas was the last car to be fitted out at the Vanden Plas factory in Kingsbury, North London.

after Kingsbury closed, in 1979? they switched to Abingdon and when they closed down, the end of the Vanden Plas Allegro finished too.

afterwards, the vanden plas name was used as the top model on various ARG models, and on Jaguars Daimler models in America.

i think that the name was finally, quietly dropped in 2010, when Mercedes Benz started calling themselves "Daimler" the name had been licensed to the Daimler Motor Company from the very early years of the 20th century.

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