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eBay tat volume 3.

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5 minutes ago, the judge said:

Wow, I had a white envoy with that miserable 1.7d engine. Bullet proof. £5 for a clutch and didn’t need to take the box out. Someone get it bought!!!!!

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18 hours ago, outlaw118 said:

JEEZ that was up for sale with same pics about 5 years ago..he was going on about it being a 1 off and not another one like it.....most replies were of the Thank Fukk for that !!

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1 hour ago, busmansholiday said:




"Low on power but no warning lights on dash | Could be something simple or not"

Pleasant Sunday morning walk with the dog, do I feel lucky,  and what would Mrs BMH say if I returned in this ??







The chances of it being 'something simple' are about the same as Lenny Henry saying something funny.

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Image 11 - Renault-master-minibus-converted-into-a-minibus-by-atlis-see-pictures-below


Renault master minibus converted into a minibus by atlis see pictures below | eBay


'Converted into a minibus'


Image 101 - Renault-master-minibus-converted-into-a-minibus-by-atlis-see-pictures-below


As opposed to 'converted into a complete fucking wreck by a passing 15 tonne bomb'?



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I know, said nobody else ever, I think I'll have Peter Jones from 'Dragons Den' with a Transit Mk3 gear lever as a knob doing a Tommy Cooper impression airbrushed onto my bonnet.


Image 01 - Bmw-520d-m-sport


Bmw 520d m sport | eBay



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