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eBay tat volume 3.

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1 hour ago, BeEP said:

Tidy looking 1.4 Saxo (so should go quite well) with long MOT, new clutch and interesting* 90's French seats...





Lovely. Although those seats do look like they've got precision-arranged blood stains on them. :D 

There's a pristine early Saxo near me, on an N-plate, gets driven regularly by an older couple. I'm keeping half an eye on it, just in case a "for sale" sign ever appears in its window.

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1 hour ago, Craig the Princess said:

Don't understand why you wouldn't put in a car for an mot if you wanted to sell it with 2 weeks left.


Oh, is it because someone stole it while you were talking the pictures? Fair enough.



It's the 300HP they quote it's got that makes it disappear off the picture.

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10 minutes ago, Soundwave said:


VERY early (and quite scabby) mk3 Fezzer. Possibly a tad salty. 



That's come from round here somewhere, the colour is the best they came in imho.

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I reckon more people have died in the back of this Transit after it became a camper than during its entire career as an ambulance.


The interior is awash with depraved serial killer chic!

For a minute I actually thought that was a body wrapped in a sheet with the head and hand poking out. :D


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Anyone had their brave pills today?


Image 01 - Nissan-Murano-3-5-automatic-low-tax-bracket-Lady-owners-nearly-full-history


Nissan Murano 3.5 automatic low tax bracket Lady owners nearly full history | eBay


It's possibly the one that was advertised as being  a great car on Gumtree, then got cheaper and cheaper as the weeks went by.

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