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eBay tat volume 3.


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Be like @Mr_Bo11ox, with added tree. 600 yoyos, Sligo.


Perkins engine Sitting in that spot this while, Tyres look good Going for scrap next week if it’s no good to anyone

Look good in the sense of being round and black.



Turbot! Meet your doom faster!


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7 minutes ago, spartacus said:

How much was it, I can't do fudgebook. Any chance of some screenshots of it please?



1996 Fiat Punto GT turbo (GT2)


Mot til November

Virtually standard (stainless exhaust and 30mm springs)

Drives perfectly and no known issues

Drives really well, it’s standard power, standard boost and this is how it should be left, Iv owned high power puntos and to be honest this just drives much nicer how it is and it’s still quick, surprises a lot of other cars on the road

Lots of service history inc timing belt about 5k miles ago inc a cylinder head rebuild

Will need small amount of welding on the passenger sill to floor for the next mot (I have photo & video showing this)

Available from feb 27th as I’m using it until then





He's obvs twatted the offside up a wall as he's not photographed it once.

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1 hour ago, Cavcraft said:

'Dogs leave a paw print on your heart' 


Looks like theirs has also left a couple of small presents on the floor, too.


Toyota Hiace Camper van | eBay

That wall unit will empty itself on the floor after 5 minutes. I'd dig that if the shit cliche graphics were emulsioned over  and the fucking bunting set fire to.

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15 hours ago, wuvvum said:

Being pedantic (unlike me I know), the turbocharged 50s (and derivatives) were actually slower top end than the NA version - the turbo Phaser was governed to 2,600rpm, the non-turbo could rev to 2,800.

Presumably Perkins were concerned with the piston crowns remaining attached to the rest of the piston, ditto the exhaust valves; turbots give both a much harder time.

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Mr warninglight has kindly been to check out the Ulverston Ambassador for me.  I'm declaring myself out.  It's already beyond a price I could justify and has a lot of cosmetics still to do.  Someone will get a nice project there.

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4 hours ago, Austat said:

That's come from round here originally, assuming the plate is the one it came with from new.

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21 hours ago, eddyramrod said:

I'm with you there Billy!  My first day on a new job I had to take one of these from Southport to Preston, at 3am, with nobody else in the yard.  That was fun...  G150DKC was a six-banger 130, which I think should be about 5.9 litres?  It could go some, certainly!  I often used it for a delivery round in Blackpool, and coming back to Preston it would fly.  I have, naturally, a Corgi Royal Mail Cargo painted up to match... ;)

ETA: I also have a front grille off this model which I was planning to use as a wall ornament in my back yard.  Free if a Shiter can collect...

Me too, I drove a flatbed one of these fully loaded (overloaded) from Bristol to Plymouth 27 years ago, it was thankfully a six-banger and sounded like a proper lorry but it overheated on Haldon hill and I had to pull into a lay-by at the top and let it cool down before continuing the journey, Ryder truck rental were none the wiser.....

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