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eBay tat volume 3.


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1 hour ago, willswitchengage said:

1, 2, 3... yep, more than 15 attendees. Sorry, Priti, is it only house parties? Ok, no £800 fines being given this evening then.

I watched the police dispersing a house party on TV ,must've been 100 people there but they just appeared to be letting them go 

WTF , 2 women drive 5 miles for a socially distanced walk with coffee and get a £200 fine( now cancelled) but 100 people take the piss and nothing 

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22 minutes ago, Fabergé Greggs said:

Pull up a seat, kick back and watch as the ULEZ purges North London of W124s. 


"Front seats need a clean"


From Wikipedia

Understatement is a form of speech or disclosure which contains an expression of lesser strength than what would be expected. It is the opposite of an embellishment. The rhetorical form of understatement is litotes in which understatement is used for emphasis and irony. This is not to be confused with euphemism, where a polite phrase is used in place of a harsher or more offensive expression.

Understatement may also be called underexaggeration to denote lesser enthusiasm. Understatement also merges the comic with the ironic, as in Mark Twain’s comment, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”[1]


Interior grime aside that looks excellent.

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6 minutes ago, hairnet said:

Wanted to buy one of those in NZ, tour around for three months, then sell it before flying home. Cheaper than hiring a bike (based on my calculations), and with a 100kph speed limit across NZ, would be quite fun being able to thrash it nearly everywhere without and speed trap worries.

Bloody covid.

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1 hour ago, EssDeeWon said:

That is pretty awesome. Watch listed, but only to see where it'll end up at I promise...

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