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eBay tat volume 3.


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37 minutes ago, DVee8 said:

Lovely.  Overpriced, but underused. It would be a shitters dream at 1/5 the asking price.

Do 1.8 Carltons make good money ? No. Do 3.0 24V GSi cartons make good money ? Yes. 

I'd rather something with more grunt personally. 




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8 minutes ago, bezzabsa said:

Actually something Gorgeous....Calling all Merc Botherers..

w111 gorgeousness

I’m afraid that is just a collection of body panels and random engine of unknown provenance .  It doesn’t even have a logbook, God knows what hood if any it comes with, if you opened the doors it might fold in the middle .

Its as if somebody saw the prices 280SE 3.5 Cabriolets make so assembled some parts and chopped the roof off a coupe when pissed.

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1 hour ago, bezzabsa said:

not sure this is wonderful, or naff.......



I think it can be both at the same time. Be better if it wasn't a pick up, and would be worth about a tenth of the price. I don't know why the pick ups go for so much more but it suits me so I don't mind. 

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A rusty brown coloured shitting machine that used to chase after milk floats and postmen and never catch them up. And a labrador.




1964 BSA B40 Super Star USA B40B 350cc restoration project barn find import | eBay

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