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eBay tat volume 3.

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10 hours ago, Austat said:

I rather like that.  There is a faint alarm bell ringing though, because it's listed as an 1800 engine, which wasn't available in 1970-71.  Of course it could easily have had a replacement fitted in a 50-year life!  Appropriately, it's in Bedford, Bedfordshire.  Where else would it be!


Watching, obviously!

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17 hours ago, horriblemercedes said:

I know, it's not like it was a marginal one like emissions! 


That second fail makes me think it's much worse than the MOT history makes it look 

Well, the seller has been good and sent me some pictures. They arent the best (understandable) but I recon this one will take a fair chunk of 2mm steel to fix up. Terrible pictures. I know.









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1 hour ago, Dirk Diggler said:

2008 Chevrolet Epica 2.0 straight six - €1295


Only ever saw a few diesel Epicas around; never knew they did a 6


There's one of these for sale in Livingston on Gumtree. £1650, manual gearbox, 58k miles. 


I'll get a link when I'm on the PC

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The yellow Cortina disappeared quickly now this has appeared to tempt me.

This looks fantastic:


Can someone here buy it so we can do a group test with my CX Pallas and Granada 2.8GL.

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Looks tidy


First registered on 1 August 1992 in Manchester, the car was delivered to Torevell, Mahon and Granville Limited, a financial consultancy still in existence today. Being owned by financial consultants, it seems unlikely that heavy samples were carried; just paperwork.  However, I suspect that a few motorway miles were built up (there are light stone chips on the bonnet) but the car was serviced regularly at Horners Limited, Manchester at 6,530 miles, 12,500 miles (1 October 1993) and 23,796 miles (12 January 1995). The 36,000 mile service was performed at Three Counties Garage, Malvern (36291 miles on 29 May 1995), suggesting that the company moved the car from Manchester to Worcestershire.

AAArrrghhh, just f***ing kill me now

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2 hours ago, Mr Laurence said:

I’ve got vague memories of one of these (possibly in gold?) on here a few years ago. Can anybody remember happened to it?

This one’s a little tatty, but has years mot. Can’t be many other running cars this rare for £1295 any more



It was a Riviera, so a bit bigger than that.  I bought it off Bramz, sold it via roffle and it was won by Sealtainn, who then spent a small fortune getting the ABS sorted.  It may or may not then have gone to Bulgaria.

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7 hours ago, sdkrc said:


Mysterious and scary Nova for £500 in Heathrow. Reveal your secrets Mr Nova



That's got to be a scam or hoax of some sort,  probably worth six or seven times the asking price absolute minimum.

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58 minutes ago, Cavcraft said:


That's got to be a scam or hoax of some sort,  probably worth six or seven times the asking price absolute minimum.

I'd need to see.

1) The sellers ID.  Passport, and driving licence.

2) An enhanced DBS certificate or Disclosure Scotland with proof that he has no criminal record.

3) Proof that he bought the property 5 years ago.  

4) The V5 in his name first. 

5) check that the numbers on the V5 matched the numbers on the car.


Actually Just 4.  If it were a legitimate, story, he'd get the V5 in his name and flog it for 4k. 

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